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Building Turnkey Houses

Building a house is a complex and time-consuming process. We have emerged to relieve you of the burden and take care of all the details.


Building a house is a complex and time-consuming process. We have emerged to relieve you of the burden and take care of all the details.
We offer comprehensive house construction services, starting from assistance in choosing the plot, architectural design, obtaining all the necessary documentation related to the planned investment, construction of rough and developer stages, and execution of turnkey works, all the way to site landscaping and building inspection.

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New-House - Comprehensive Construction of Single-Family Houses

At New-House, for nearly 25 years, we have been engaged in comprehensive construction of single-family houses throughout Poland. During this time, we have made it possible for over 1200 families to enjoy their dream homes with four walls. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer!

At New-House, there is no such thing as the impossible! We build single-family houses with one floor, with usable attic space, and multi-story houses. We construct simple suburban-style houses, impressive American-style residences, houses with a rural, modern, and Scandinavian style. Our offer also includes energy-efficient and passive houses.

The greatest value of our company is our employees - we only cooperate with proven, qualified construction teams, ensuring punctuality, reliability, and the highest quality of work. The office and administrative part of the New-House team is at your disposal, providing assistance in project selection, preparing cost estimates, handling necessary permits, and other formalities.

We understand that building a house is often the most significant investment in the lives of our clients. Therefore, we approach our work comprehensively - we want the construction period to be associated with exciting anticipation for a home rather than stress and fatigue. Find out how we can assist you!

Assistance in Selecting and Assessing the Suitability of a Plot

The first step in building your own house is choosing and purchasing a suitable plot of land. At New-House, our advisors can assist in making this crucial decision. We provide guidance to clients regarding the location of the plot, its shape and size, access to utilities, vegetation, and the type of building soil. It's important to check if there are any underground installations passing through the plot and also review the local spatial development plan, which specifies what can be built on a given property. With our support, the process of selecting and purchasing a plot will be quick and efficient!

Media supply

If the chosen plot is not equipped with utilities, after signing the agreement, we take care of all the formalities and the implementation of bringing water, electricity, gas, and sewage to the property. This way, you don't have to dedicate your personal time to these sometimes complicated matters!

  • Water- The water company brings water to the property boundary by installing a water meter. We, at New-House, can handle the connection within the plot without the need for a separate project or permit!
  • Sewage- It requires signing an agreement with the water and sewage company and the execution of a project. If the plot does not have access to the municipal sewage system, the construction of a septic tank or an on-site sewage treatment plant is necessary.
  • Gas- To connect gas on the plot, an installation project and a permit for its construction are required. Once all the documents are obtained, we can also take care of this matter!
  • Electricity- Just like with other utilities, the power supply company handles the electrical installation up to the property boundary, while our specialists handle the installation inside the house.

Thousands of House Designs

Another crucial decision before starting the main construction work is choosing a house design that will serve you for the years to come. Our company, New-House, is characterized by tremendous flexibility in this regard! By partnering with us, you have the opportunity to choose from:

  • Ready-made design from the Internet- we assist in selecting the appropriate one, taking into account factors such as financial possibilities or plot dimensions.
  • Ready-made design from the New-House website- in our search engine , you can find tens of thousands of houses in various styles.
  • Custom-designed project by our architect- recommended for those planning to build a house larger than 200 sqm or having a plot with an unconventional shape.
  • Custom-designed project by an external architect- we are fully open to this form of collaboration!

Practical Construction Cost Calculator

At New-House, we are well aware that for the vast majority of investors, the primary factor determining the choice of a specific house design is the cost. Of course, there are many different elements that make up the entire construction process, but there is a simple way to estimate them preliminarily! Specially for our clients, we have developed our own proprietary, specialized, and user-friendly online house construction cost calculator. It is available on the subpage ->

By completing all the fields of the questionnaire and filling out the form, we will send you a preliminary cost estimation to the provided email address. This allows you to immediately plan the expenses that need to be prepared for in the near future. Upon your request, within 2-3 business days, our advisors will also prepare a detailed offer for the specifically chosen design. We invite you to try it out!

Building Permit? We take care of it!

We encourage those who want the general contractor to handle absolutely all matters related to house construction, including obtaining development conditions and building permits, to establish cooperation with us. If the plot is not covered by a local spatial development plan, it is necessary to submit an application to the authorities for the issuance of development conditions. Only when these conditions are obtained, along with other necessary documents, can an application for a building permit be submitted. As a rule, the authority has 65 days to review the application, although sometimes this timeframe may be extended. Only after obtaining the building permit can the main construction work commence.

If you want to avoid dealing with these formalities on your own, and save your personal time and energy, feel free to contact New-House ->

Fast House Construction with New-House

After obtaining the building permit, we immediately commence with the main construction work. We only collaborate with trusted teams that guarantee the highest quality of workmanship. We can ensure continuity of work at every stage of the construction process, so you don't have to waste time on difficult and tedious searches for teams that need to enter the construction site in a specific order.

Depending on the signed agreement, we construct:

  • Houses in rough construction state- including earthworks, foundation footings or slab, foundation walls, lean concrete floor slabs, ground floor walls, floor slab above the ground floor, upper floor walls, partition walls, roof or flat roof, installation of windows, external doors, and garage door.
  • Houses in developer standard- electrical works, internal plastering, plumbing, floor finishes, roof insulation, plasterboard walls, facade.
  • Turnkey houses- completion of internal plastering, painting of walls and ceilings, installation of ceramic tiles, terracotta, laminate flooring and/or hardwood flooring, complete installation of windows and doors, completion of all sanitary fittings in bathrooms and toilets, roof soffit, interior window sills, installation of electrical fixtures.

Beautiful Surroundings for Your Home - Leave It to Us!

A beautiful property consists not only of a turnkey finished house but also a beautifully and functionally landscaped area that allows comfortable use of the plot and enjoyable time spent on it. In our team, we also have specialists who can advise on the best placement of pathways and driveways to the house, where to put a pergola, gazebo, or build a barbecue, and where to locate a fire pit. We then proceed with the work, transforming an empty plot into a wonderful garden!

Equally important is the fencing, and contrary to common belief, it is not just about aesthetics. When choosing the right type of property fencing, factors such as surface terrain and intended functions need to be considered. If this is your requirement, we can also take care of this aspect and construct a fence using selected materials such as wire mesh, brick or stone, modular fencing, wrought iron, or wood. We are open to your suggestions!

Final Stage - Building Acceptance

To move into your dream home, there is only one step left - the building acceptance. At New-House, we assist in gathering all the necessary documents for this formality, including inspections of construction and installation works, acceptance protocols for connections and internal installations, energy performance certificate, original construction diary, survey documentation, copy of the building permit, etc.

We warmly invite all individuals interested in our services to get in touch! We will make your dreams of a comprehensive house construction project come true!


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