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Mortgage Loan

Building a house is a costly endeavor, and we don't always have the financial means for its realization. Fortunately, in such situations, the financial services market offers assistance to investors in the form of a mortgage loan. However, it's important to be aware that even though the interest rates on such loans are favorable, we need to be prepared for additional costs. To determine the approximate expenses, you can use our mortgage loan calculator.

Building a House with a Mortgage Loan

Building a house – whether we like it or not – is inevitably linked to a significant financial investment. If an investor has the full required amount in their account, that's great. However, our thirty years of experience show that such situations are rare. More often, our clients seek a secure and relatively affordable source of financing for building a house.

New-House has been operating in the market since 1991, and during this time, we have successfully completed over 1500 single-family residential projects throughout the country. Thus, we possess the necessary experience, knowledge, and practical skills to comprehensively support investors at every stage of the construction project. In practice, this means that we provide assistance not only during the physical work on the construction site but also in other technical and administrative matters. We also offer a range of solutions for obtaining additional financing for a home. Our task is to enable investors to smoothly and stress-free navigate through the entire procedure of qualifying for a mortgage loan. We assure you – it is possible!

How Much Mortgage Loan Amount Will You Need?

The catalog of ready house designs on our website is an excellent place to learn not only the property project price but also the cost of building to the developer's finish. This unique solution is appreciated by investors who, during the review of the projects they are interested in, are already aware of the cost range they should expect if they decide to implement them. They can compare it with their savings, providing insight into the mortgage loan amount they'll need to apply for. If you have your own idea for a house and want to get an estimate of its construction cost, we recommend using our construction calculator available at


Mortgage Loan Calculator – How Does It Work?

The overwhelming variety of mortgage loan offers on the market can be dizzying. In the deluge of diverse – not always clear to the layperson – information, it's easy to get lost. By using our mortgage loan calculator, you can easily and quickly obtain all the essential information about the loan, the projected installment, and the detailed financial offer. We understand that serious decisions require time for consideration, so we'll send you the complete information to the email address you provide in the form.

Only a few steps separate you from receiving detailed information about the mortgage loan that will help you realize your dream of your own home:

  1. Visit the page

  2. Enter the desired mortgage loan amount.

  3. Enter the number of years for which you want to take the mortgage loan.

  4. Provide the email address to which we will send the information and your phone number.

  5. Specify the voivodeship in which you plan to build your house.

  6. Click the “Send” button.

  7. Expect a professional mortgage loan simulation based on your individual expectations.

Our mortgage calculator is a completely free and publicly available tool. This means you can use it as many times as you need. Based on the provided simulation, you can explore how various factors will impact the final loan installment. This knowledge is crucial when we want to consciously and responsibly decide on a construction project that fits within our budget.

Your Dream Home Exceeds Your Financial Capabilities – Call Us!

If the amount of the mortgage loan necessary for building your dream single-family home exceeds your financial capabilities, we encourage you to contact our specialists. Their substantive knowledge and years of experience are at your disposal. This means we will help you choose a house project that meets your functional requirements while also being affordable to build. We will also suggest solutions that reduce construction costs, allowing you to successfully stay within the planned budget. All of this is to ensure that you can soon enjoy all the benefits of having your own four walls.

Mortgage Loan – Formalities to Prepare For

Firstly, it's important to emphasize that obtaining a mortgage loan is not as simple and quick as, for example, a consumer loan for buying a washing machine or television. This is because a substantial support amount requires the submission of many documents verifying both the income level and the plan for utilizing the acquired funds.

If you are employed on an employment contract and are applying for a mortgage loan for building a house, you will most likely need to provide the following documents:

  • completed application for a mortgage loan,

  • scanned ID card or other proof of identity,

  • income statement,

  • certificate of income source,

  • bank account statement showing salary deposits,

  • scanned employment contract,

  • PIT-37 forms for the last two years with confirmation of submission to the relevant Tax Office,

  • appropriate certificates from ZUS (Social Security Institution) – if you receive any benefits,

  • document confirming land ownership and the possibility of construction,

  • building permit for a single-family house,

  • land register extract and plan,

  • copy of the land and mortgage register,

  • cost estimate of the project,

  • construction work plan from the construction diary,

  • appraisal report.

Although the above list is not short, it's important to be aware that it may be expanded with additional documents, the type of which depends on the investor's individual situation. Therefore, it's definitely wise to prepare in advance, check the planned implementation cost using our mortgage calculator, and additionally seek the support of experienced specialists from New-House, who have successfully realized many such investments using customized mortgage loans.

Mortgage Loan and Building with New-House

You might be wondering why you should cooperate with New-House. We have the answer ready for you.

Because our offer is as comprehensive as it gets. In practice, this means that we support our investors at every stage of house construction. Starting from finding the right building plot in the chosen area and checking it for technical and administrative aspects, to assisting in selecting the appropriate building project and finding the right financing source to realize it. And that's not all. We also help you compile the necessary documents for signing contracts with utility suppliers and obtaining building permits. We will also manage all the work on the construction site, taking the building from raw closed state to developer's finish, and even handling interior design and landscaping around the house. And before you move in, we will also assist you during the formal building acceptance process.

We hope you're pleasantly surprised by the scope of collaboration you can expect when entrusting the construction of your house to New-House professionals. So, if you're planning to build a house and want to finance it with a mortgage loan, we encourage you to use our mortgage calculator. If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact our specialists, who are available on our helpline from Monday to Sunday, 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM. We're waiting for your call!

Mortgage Loan Calculator - Calculate Your Monthly Payments in a Few Minutes

Where to get the funds for realizing your dream single-family home? It can't be denied that building a house involves significant financial costs. Most investors opt for obtaining financial support through a mortgage loan. However, before making a final decision, it's worth checking what costs you can expect. Our mortgage loan calculator can assist you with that.

As New-House, we've been operating since 1991, and in that time, we've already completed over 1500 single-family homes. We're well aware that one of the most crucial factors for investors during construction is undoubtedly the financial aspect. Our goal is to help customers smoothly navigate the entire process and provide support even long before construction begins. We've prepared various solutions to help them navigate the real estate and construction markets.

The first thing we recommend to our customers is to explore our collection of ready-made projects (, where you can review not only the price of a specific project but also the cost of its development up to the developer's stage. We also recommend our innovative construction calculator, which will allow you to assess the cost of building your dream home based on an individual project ( With data from our tools, it will be easier for you to use our mortgage loan calculator, as you'll be able to base your calculations on real data.

New-House Mortgage Loan Calculator – How Does It Work?

A mortgage loan is one of the most commonly chosen methods for financing home construction, which is why there's often a wide range of offers available. Amidst the flood of information and unclear offers, it's easy to get lost. Therefore, we've prepared a simple and intuitive loan calculator for your convenience. With its help, you can easily obtain all the essential information – we'll present the amount of the monthly installment and the detailed financial offer. All the information will be sent to the email address you provide in the form so that you can review all the details at your leisure.

How does our mortgage loan calculator work? It's a highly functional tool that will calculate all the financial aspects related to a specific mortgage loan within a few minutes. Simply provide information about the loan amount and the loan term in the form. It's also necessary to provide your contact details so that we can easily send you the calculations generated by our loan calculator. Based on the data you provide, we'll send you a professionally created simulation of the mortgage loan.

It's worth noting that our mortgage loan calculator is a publicly available and completely free tool. You don't have to pay for it, and there are no usage restrictions. Thanks to this simulation, you can assess how various factors will affect the final loan installment. This knowledge is especially crucial for making informed and responsible decisions about the type of house construction you can pursue.

How to Match a Mortgage Loan to Your Abilities?

Is the amount of the mortgage loan for realizing your dream single-family home beyond your current financial capabilities? We encourage you to get in touch with our specialists – we're here to provide good advice and expert support. We can help you choose the right house design that meets your requirements while being cost-effective to build. We'll suggest possible solutions that will reduce the construction costs and help tailor the entire process to your expectations and financial capabilities.

If you're planning to apply for a mortgage loan to realize your house construction and are employed on an employment contract, you will likely need to provide:

  • Filled out mortgage application
  • Scanned ID card or other identity document,
  • Income statement,
  • Proof of income source,
  • Bank account statement for the account where salary is deposited,
  • Scan of employment contract,
  • PIT 37 for the last two years and confirmation of acceptance by the Tax Office,
  • Relevant certificates from Social Security (ZUS) if you receive benefits,
  • Document confirming land ownership and possibility of construction,
  • Permit from the authorities for the construction of a single-family house,
  • Land register excerpt and plan,
  • Extract from the land and mortgage register,
  • Cost estimate for the construction,
  • Construction journal work plan,
  • Appraisal report.

The list of documents is extensive and may be expanded further depending on the individual investor's situation. That's why it's worth preparing properly for such a process – checking the planned cost of the project beforehand and using a mortgage calculator. Moreover, it's advisable to have the support of experienced and knowledgeable specialists throughout the entire process.

Investors collaborating with New-House can rely on our support at every stage of construction. We have been building houses for many years and understand how stressful and demanding this time can be for our clients. We always make every effort to take on as many responsibilities as possible and relieve them of stress. We assist in selecting a plot, finding the right design, and planning the execution according to their expectations and financial capabilities. Our clients have trusted us for years and value their partnership with New-House. The references we have received from them over the years can be read on our website:

We encourage you to collaborate with New-House. We will complete the turnkey construction of your house in nine months, support you at every stage of the process, and our work's outcome will be covered by a ten-year quality guarantee. You can be assured that partnering with us ensures the fast and reliable realization of your dream single-family home. We invite you to get in touch – we will answer all your questions about our offer and our mortgage calculator.


Financing the Construction of a House – What Costs to Prepare For?

Every investor always wonders how much building a house costs in the current year. They try to determine the exact costs they should be prepared for. Financing the construction of a house should be planned accordingly, so it's worthwhile to estimate a specific amount that will cover the negotiation of the given plan.

Financing the construction of a house can proceed in various ways and depends primarily on the client's own possibilities. However, determining the cost of building a house on one's own is difficult. It's necessary to know, for instance, the precise prices of building materials and labor, which change from year to year. It's advisable for the financing of house construction to be based on information obtained from reliable, verified sources.

How to Determine the Cost of Building a House?

Above all, it must be kept in mind that the cost of building a house depends on many factors. A specific, universal amount cannot be provided as an answer to this question. This question could be asked by someone wanting to know the cost of building a 100m2 house, as well as someone planning to construct a residence larger than 300 square meters. However, there are several ways for each of these individuals to find an answer to their question and easily estimate the financing of house construction.

House Construction Calculator

A construction calculator is an excellent tool that will allow you to determine the exact cost of building a house up to the developer's stage. It has been prepared by professionals from New-House and functions as a free, intuitive tool available to anyone interested. If you want to know how much financing will be necessary for building a house, it's worth using it. It's available at the following address:

How to Use the Construction Calculator? It's a straightforward tool, and its operation won't take you more than five minutes. After entering the link provided above, the house construction calculator will be displayed, with six brief points to fill out.

Provide the usable area of the house – regardless of whether you're interested in the cost of building a 100m2 or a 300m2 house, you can use our tool. The calculator calculates the final price based on the square meterage you input for the planned construction.

Select the province – New-House operates nationwide, so you can choose any location. Upon clicking the field, the available provinces will be displayed, and you can select one of them.

Choose the type of house – the cost of building a house to the developer's stage depends on the type of building to be constructed. The lowest cost per square meter of usable space is guaranteed for a house with an attic. A single-story house is slightly more expensive, followed by a two-story house.

Select the roof type – the construction calculator also requires information about the type of roof to be built. This significantly affects the final cost of the project.

Select the ceiling type – it's also worth specifying the type of ceiling to be constructed. However, if you haven't made this decision yet, you can also select the option "I don't know." The estimated cost of building the house to the developer's stage will still be determined for you.

Select the garage – it's also important to decide whether the project includes the construction of a garage, and if so, how many parking spaces it should have.

After providing this information, the calculator will estimate the cost of your dream project. The calculations are based on current labor and building material prices, so the results are up-to-date. These estimates will be sent to the email address you provide.

Ready Single-Family Home Designs

Another recommended option is to explore our ready-to-implement single-family home designs. New-House has a comprehensive design portfolio that you can access through the link: These are designs with pre-calculated costs, making it easy for you to determine the cost of building a house.

New-House's ready home designs are categorized, making it easier to find an offer that matches your individual needs. Are you interested in the cost of building a 100m2 house? Click here to find such projects. There are also designs available for houses up to 200m2, as well as houses up to 300m2, twin houses, and villas above 300m2. There is also categorization based on the type of house and the cost of its realization. Upon selecting a design, you'll be able to check the price of the ready single-family home design and the cost of building it to the developer's stage. New-House also provides an estimate of the monthly installment for the project. If you're interested in a comprehensive house construction, simply click the link "Request a Detailed Quote."

Financing the Construction of a House – Common Methods

Now that you know the cost of building a house, it's worth planning the financing. Various methods are used among investors to meet this challenge. Some individuals may finance the construction from their own funds that they've accumulated. However, this is relatively rare; most people utilize additional sources of support. Young couples are often supported by their immediate family – parents and in-laws – when building a house. In such cases, it's important to remember that a gift transfer without paying the applicable tax is only possible within the first degree of consanguinity.

Increasingly, individuals also choose to finance the construction of a house from the proceeds of selling their current property. We can observe that investors greatly prefer having their own single-family home rather than an apartment in a building, which is why they opt for this change. The money obtained from selling an apartment often covers a significant portion of the construction costs.

Nonetheless, the majority of people still finance the construction with funds obtained from a loan. This is a commitment for several years, and many people are apprehensive about it, but sometimes it's the only viable solution.

Comprehensive House Construction with New-House

If you're looking for a company that can efficiently and professionally oversee the construction of your dream home, we encourage you to collaborate with New-House.We have been engaged in comprehensive single-family home construction since 1991. We have a history of successful collaborations and many satisfied clients. To review our references, you can visit the link: 200 clients have already chosen to evaluate their collaboration with us. If you're interested in seeing examples of houses comprehensively constructed by our company, you can visit our website:

We invite you to collaborate with us.We complete the construction of a house to the developer's stage in six months, and for a turnkey house, we realize it in nine months. We provide a 10-year warranty for our work. If you have any questions about financing the construction of a house or about our services, feel free to contact us. We're available every day from 7 AM to 9 PM. Our contact details are available at:


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