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Is Air Conditioning Necessary in a Single-Family Home?

Air conditioning in single-family homes in Poland has its proponents and opponents. Can it be considered necessary? It's difficult to answer decisively with a yes. The climate in our country is not particularly characterized by high temperatures. However, on the other hand, anyone who has spent an extended time in a heated, non-air-conditioned room will admit that air conditioning is a worthwhile investment.

Until recently, air conditioning was mostly installed in public buildings. Only recently has air conditioning become more common in single-family homes. Buildings can easily heat up, and the use of airtight insulation during construction can turn the house into a so-called "box." This lack of fresh air and coolness makes air conditioning an ideal solution in such cases.

Central Air Conditioning or Local Units?

Homeowners looking to install air conditioning face a choice: central air conditioning or local units? Central air conditioning stands out with much better functionality – it allows for intensity regulation, brings fresh air with better humidity to the building, and improves the temperature inside the house. It is a much more efficient solution than local units. Portable air conditioners assist in cooling a room but do not introduce fresh air and cannot be regulated as effectively. The advantage of local air conditioning is its lower cost and smaller space requirement, but it doesn't achieve the same level of efficiency as central air conditioning.

How Does Central Air Conditioning Work in a Single-Family Home?

Central air conditioning is an ideal solution for those seeking a functional system that provides cooling, heating, and air ventilation. It is a highly efficient solution that homeowners particularly appreciate. However, it's essential to plan the installation of central air conditioning during the house construction phase.

Central air conditioning is equipped with a special unit that compresses the cooling agent and dissipates heat. It also has an evaporator unit responsible for cooling the air. Modern central air conditioning systems can reverse this process to generate warm air as well.


What Types of Home Air Conditioning Are There?

The right air conditioning for a home should be well-suited to both the house and the homeowner. The most commonly chosen types are SPLIT and MULTI-SPLIT air conditioners. SPLIT air conditioners consist of two connected units. On the other hand, MULTI-SPLIT air conditioners allow multiple indoor units to be connected to one external unit. Among these types, various subdivisions can be specified.

Wall-Mounted Air Conditioning – these are undoubtedly among the most commonly chosen air conditioners. They work well as air conditioning for single-family homes because they are quiet and aesthetically pleasing. Moreover, they are very efficient, and the latest versions come with remote control. Wall-mounted air conditioning also has a reasonable price for homeowners.

Wall-Ceiling Air Conditioning – these air conditioners are installed on the ceiling, allowing for better and uniform air distribution in the room. They are often used in rooms with high ceilings, where regular wall-mounted air conditioners might not be as effective.

Cassette Air Conditioning – these air conditioners are designed for installation in a suspended ceiling. It's a good solution because it maintains good visual aesthetics in the room. They are also highly efficient and allow for efficient air distribution.

Ducted Air Conditioning – this type of home air conditioning works great for larger buildings. By using ducts, conditioned air reaches multiple rooms simultaneously. It is well-suited for temperature parameter adjustments. Ducted air conditioning can be installed in a suspended ceiling, preserving the room's aesthetics.

Floor-Mounted Air Conditioning – this solution is most often used in demanding and challenging installation areas. For example, buildings with slanted walls where installing other units is impossible. Floor-mounted air conditioning in single-family homes can be placed anywhere and resembles a radiator, making it easily adaptable to any interior. It is often installed in recesses.

How Much Does Home Air Conditioning Cost?

Home air conditioning is not particularly expensive; its purchase typically ranges between 3,000 to 4,000 Polish zlotys. The most expensive option is, of course, MULTI-SPLIT air conditioning, which allows for the conditioning of multiple rooms simultaneously, but it is also the most functional solution. The cost of air conditioning installation depends on whether it's done during the house construction phase or in an already existing house. Central air conditioning can only be installed during construction, while local air conditioning can be installed after construction is completed. Modern home air conditioning systems are also equipped with intensity regulation, allowing homeowners to influence the overall operating cost.

When Should You Decide to Install Air Conditioning?

Air conditioning in a single-family home should be planned well in advance to ensure lower construction costs. If you're planning to build a home, it's worth considering air conditioning options and exploring what the market offers. Central air conditioning in a single-family home can also be integrated with forced air ventilation.

We also recommend consulting with the right specialists. Expert support is crucial when making decisions that will last for years. Once you make your choice, inform your chosen architect about the decision. A professional and competent architect will easily incorporate your plans into the building project.

When is it worth implementing home air conditioning? This solution is particularly appreciated by homeowners with large living spaces, as it helps maintain better air quality throughout the building. Home air conditioning should also be applied when the house is built with strong thermal and acoustic insulation.

Who Should You Hire for Air Conditioning Installation?

Are you looking for the right company to handle air conditioning installation in your home? The best criteria when searching for a suitable company should be their experience in the market and positive feedback from former clients. That's precisely what characterizes New-House.

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Home Air Conditioning

Home air conditioning is an excellent way to ensure optimal temperature and humidity conditions for residents in indoor spaces. The increasing popularity of such solutions is attributed, on the one hand, to climate changes, which mean higher summer temperatures, and, on the other hand, to the increasingly competitive prices of air conditioning equipment. All of this has made air conditioning no longer a luxury, affordable only to commercial properties such as shops, banks, or offices. In recent years, many myths about the negative impact of air conditioning on human health have also been debunked.

Air Conditioning Improves Indoor Air Quality

When air conditioning is correctly installed and used, its positive impact on the health of residents cannot be overstated. It is an excellent solution, especially for homes where individuals suffer from asthma, allergies, or respiratory conditions. This is because the polluted outdoor air entering the house with air conditioning is effectively filtered, allowing us to breathe air free from harmful substances, allergens, pollen, and dust. Air conditioning also helps in effectively removing excess humidity from the home.

With air conditioning, we can achieve optimal thermal and humidity conditions where the human body does not sweat and, as a result, feels comfortable regardless of the temperatures outside.

Can Air Conditioning Replace Ventilation?

The answer to the above question is: air conditioning absolutely does not replace ventilation in a single-family home. Whether we are talking about mechanical ventilation, gravity ventilation, or central ventilation. These are two completely separate processes that can complement each other in terms of air treatment in domestic spaces. However, giving up ventilation after installing an air conditioner would be a mistake. If both ventilation and air conditioning installations have been carried out in the house, the operation of the fans should be stopped while the air conditioner is running to avoid increased operating costs.

Central Air Conditioning or Local?

In the case of single-family homes, a central air conditioning system is definitely more functional. Its undeniable advantages include:

  • Lower installation cost,

  • No need to purchase multiple units for individual rooms,

  • Capability for both cooling in summer and heating in winter,

  • Higher efficiency compared to local air conditioners,

  • Single control for the entire system, significantly improving the system's user comfort,

  • Possibility of connecting multiple indoor units to one central unit,

  • Concealment of ducts in ceilings and walls, preserving interior aesthetics.

The advantage of local air conditioning is mainly its lower cost, but considering the above benefits of central air conditioning, its use in a single-family home is actually less favorable.

When to Install Central Air Conditioning in a Single-Family Home?

Central air conditioning is an efficient solution, and it is worth considering its design and installation during the house construction phase. This approach will provide us with the lowest construction costs. It is best to consult with specialists from New-House during the preparations for building construction. They will identify the most advantageous solutions and options offered by the modern market. Once the air conditioning solution is chosen, they will ensure that the architect incorporates it into the finished house project during adaptation or in the individual construction project during its creation. Central air conditioning is recommended for homes with diverse volumes, as it allows high-quality air in each of them. This is especially important for properties with effective thermal and acoustic insulation.

Types of Home Air Conditioning

SPLIT and MULTI-SPLIT air conditioners can be further divided according to the following scheme:

  • Wall-Mounted Air Conditioning

Wall-mounted air conditioners are among the most commonly chosen for single-family homes because they are characterized by high efficiency, relatively quiet operation, appropriate aesthetics, and affordable price. Moreover, the latest models of these air conditioners offer remote control functionality.

  • Wall-Ceiling Air Conditioning

The installation of these air conditioners is on the ceiling, allowing for better air distribution in rooms, which is particularly important in spaces with high ceilings where wall-mounted air conditioners may not be sufficient.

  • Cassette Air Conditioning

Designed for suspended ceilings, they allow for maintaining the appropriate level of aesthetics in rooms while ensuring sufficient air distribution efficiency.

  • Ducted Air Conditioning

This type of air conditioning works well in large houses, where, thanks to ducts, conditioned air can reach multiple rooms simultaneously. Ducted air conditioning can also be installed in suspended ceilings, preserving the interior's aesthetics.

  • Floor Air Conditioning

This solution is intended for demanding interiors where air conditioning installation poses challenges, such as buildings with slanted walls, where other air conditioning solutions are not feasible. Floor air conditioning looks like a radiator, making it easy to install in almost any location, including niches.

Cost of Home Air Conditioning

The cost of home air conditioning depends mainly on whether you opt for local air conditioning, covering a single room, or central air conditioning, covering the entire property. As a rule, MULTI-SPLIT air conditioning is the most expensive but also the most functional solution. However, it is possible to reduce the associated costs by installing it during house construction. If you choose to install this type of air conditioning in an existing building, you should expect higher installation costs. Modern air conditioning systems, regardless of the type, are equipped with intensity control systems, giving users real control over the operating costs.

Installation of Air Conditioning in a Single-Family Home

Are you planning to build a house and want to install an efficient air conditioning system? New-House is capable of preparing an air conditioning design tailored to every construction project. Many investors looking for modern, safe air conditioning solutions have already used our services, as confirmed by positive customer reviews. We offer designs and professional installation of central air conditioning as well as expert installation of local air conditioning. We also provide advisory services regarding the selection of appropriate air conditioning solutions that perfectly meet the current needs, expectations, and capabilities of investors. If you are interested in cooperating in this area, feel free to contact our helpline, which operates seven days a week for customer convenience.


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