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Can building a single-family house be done without stress and unnecessary nerves? Yes! The best way to achieve this goal is to opt for comprehensive cooperation with a construction company like New-House. Our clients don't have to worry about the proper execution of the project; we take responsibility for the entire process and carry out the entire construction reliably.

By choosing to cooperate with New-House, you can be sure that we will complete the turnkey construction of your house in just nine months. Moreover, the entire project will be covered by a ten-year quality guarantee. We have already built over 1500 diverse single-family homes and have received excellent feedback from investors. We encourage you to check the references we have obtained from our clients: https://new-house.com.pl/en/referencje.

What does the turnkey construction with New-House look like? We have been operating in the market since 1991 and have developed an excellent working system that allows us to take comprehensive care of the project. Our clients can count on:

  • Assistance in selecting and evaluating the suitability of the plot,

  • Provision of utilities,

  • Thousands of ready-made designs for single-family homes or an individual house design,

  • Clearly presented implementation costs,

  • Handling many formal matters, including building permits,

  • Timely completion of the construction,

  • Design and implementation of site development,

  • Building inspection and acceptance.

Of course, each collaboration is tailored to the individual needs of the client and can have various dimensions. For this reason, we first conduct a thorough analysis, determine the scope of required work, and then provide a turnkey project estimate.

Are you interested in efficient and solid turnkey house construction? We encourage you to cooperate with our company. We guarantee full satisfaction with the result and smooth implementation. To learn more about our offer, simply check the link: https://new-house.com.pl/en/oferta. We are also happy to answer your questions in person. Welcome!


Turnkey House Construction – Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Building the house of your dreams can often be a stressful moment for investors. In such situations, it is worth having the support of an experienced, professional construction company that not only provides execution but also offers substantive support. This is what turnkey house construction is all about – a comprehensive approach to cooperation between the contractor and the investor.

How much does turnkey house construction cost? How long does it take? What services are included in the cooperation? These are just some of the questions that are often directed to us by investors. Today's article was created to provide detailed information about the entire process of turnkey house construction. We will answer the most frequently asked questions.

What is Turnkey House Construction?

First, let's define the concept of such cooperation. In the construction market, various forms of house construction are available. You can choose to build a house up to the raw state (open or closed), to the developer's finish, or opt for turnkey house construction. This is the most comprehensive approach to cooperation, where the investor receives a fully finished and ready-to-live-in house.

Turnkey house construction is not limited only to the execution of the house; the service starts much earlier. The investor can avail of it already during the search for a suitable plot or the selection of the house design. The construction company also provides support to the client during the organization of all documents and formalities.


How Does Turnkey House Construction Proceed?

This type of cooperation, whether it involves the construction of a small turnkey house or a large one, consists of several essential stages. It's essential to remember that the execution starts much earlier than the actual construction. The following are the successive stages of work:

  • Choosing the Plot and Building Design - it is worthwhile at this stage to take advantage of the architect's advice, who will assess which house design will be suitable for the given plot.

  • Obtaining the Building Permit - to submit an application to the office, other documents are also required, for example, a land development plan and the house construction design itself.

  • Utility Connections - the plot requires electricity, water, and sewer connections. It is necessary to sign agreements with service providers, and the documents should be submitted along with the application for the building permit. However, actual work can begin only after receiving a positive response from the authorities.

  • Shell Construction - at this stage, the actual construction begins. Turnkey house construction starts with the foundations, followed by load-bearing walls, floors, chimneys, windows, and doors. Completing this stage indicates that half of the construction is already done.

  • Developer's Finish - at this stage, external plastering, roof insulation, wall finishes, floor screeding, and utility connections are completed.

  • Turnkey Finishing - this stage includes final finishing works. These include things like wall painting, roof eaves, window sills, floor installation, etc.

  • Green Space Landscaping - the turnkey house construction project can be complemented with a beautifully executed space around the house. This significantly enhances the overall aesthetic effect of the entire work and increases the functionality of the area. This stage includes not only traditional garden planting but also site drainage, irrigation, and wiring. Terraces, fences, driveways, ponds, and even swimming pools can be built.

  • Technical Building Inspection - the final stage of cooperation with the construction company involves obtaining technical approvals from the relevant specialists (chimney sweep inspection, water and sewer system inspection, electrical and gas installations inspection). New-House company can also take care of this task.


As you can see, turnkey house construction is a long and multi-stage process. Entrusting all the work to one professional construction company ensures that the job will be done efficiently and accurately.

How Long Does Turnkey House Construction Take?

Investors are always interested in how long turnkey house construction takes because they want to know when their dream home will be ready for occupancy. Of course, determining the exact time is quite problematic because each construction is somewhat different. One of the important factors is whether it's a small turnkey house construction or a villa or residence covering an area of three hundred square meters. However, we can easily determine the time for an average construction, which can serve as a reference for the realization of your dream home.

To the question of how long turnkey house construction takes, we can answer that it takes about a year. This includes the following stages of work:

  • 3 months for documentation and application for a building permit,

  • 3 months for construction to the shell state,

  • 3 months for developer's finishing works,

  • 3 months for turnkey finishing works.

How Much Does Turnkey House Construction Cost?

This is another complex question to which the easiest answer would be: it depends. However, we know that the financial aspect is a crucial consideration when deciding to build a house, and we have created two ways for investors to find out how much turnkey house construction costs.

Ready-made designs - on our website, under this link: https://new-house.com.pl/en/projekty-domow, you can find a range of interesting designs with ready-made estimates. You can adjust the results to your needs and expectations. There you will find great designs regardless of whether you are interested in a small turnkey house construction or a large one, whether you prefer single-story, multi-story, or attic houses. Each house on the website is supplemented with the project's price, and you can also find a detailed estimate there.

House construction calculator - this is a tool we have prepared for customers who want to build a house according to an individual design. By providing specific data about the planned construction, the calculator will estimate the cost of building the house to the developer's finish. If you want to know more precise prices for turnkey works, we encourage you to contact us. Our architects will conduct an initial conversation with you and propose the course of these works tailored to your expectations and financial capabilities. You can use the construction calculator after following this link: https://new-house.com.pl/en/kalkulator-budowy-domu.

If you are looking for a suitable company that can efficiently, quickly, and professionally carry out the construction of your house, we encourage you to contact us. We are a company that has been operating in the construction market since 1991 and have completed many successful projects. We always prioritize the satisfaction of our clients, which has earned us a strong and positive reputation. Over 200 people have provided us with references, and you can read them on our website: https://new-house.com.pl/en/referencje.

Construction of a turnkey house with New-House is a guarantee of satisfaction!

Is It Worth Building a Turnkey House?

House construction can be divided into three stages - shell state, developer's finish, and turnkey house construction. Investors usually choose to entrust the construction company with the activities related to one of the last two stages. However, from our experience, we know that it is worth choosing a turnkey house - it is an excellent solution.

Turnkey house construction is a comprehensive service, thanks to which the investor does not have to worry about anything. The construction company - for example, New-House - will oversee the entire construction from start to finish. The cooperation can begin as early as the stage of choosing the plot or the house project, and it ends when the necessary building inspections are obtained from specialists.

What Does Turnkey House Construction Look Like?

Turnkey houses are constructed comprehensively, making it easy to outline the course of all the necessary works in this process.

Choosing and Purchasing the Plot

The first stage of work is finding and purchasing a suitably large plot in the chosen location. New-House assists customers already at this stage if they express such a need.

Choosing and Purchasing the House Project

Turnkey house construction must be carried out based on a selected project. By choosing to cooperate with New-House, you can opt for three solutions: an individual project, a ready-made turnkey house project, or an adaptation. If you value originality and fulfilling all your expectations perfectly, the best solution would be to use an individual project. You can calculate the cost of your dream construction using our intuitive construction calculator: https://new-house.com.pl/en/kalkulator-budowy-domu. On the other hand, if you prefer a turnkey house project with a detailed cost estimate, it is worth checking out the selection of ready-made proposals from New-House: https://new-house.com.pl/en/projekty-domow.

Obtaining a Building Permit

Before the actual construction of the turnkey house begins, it is necessary to obtain a building permit from the local authorities. The application, along with the appropriate documents, is submitted to the county office or city hall. A response should be provided within 65 days.

Construction of Utility Connections

Turnkey houses require connecting utilities to the building. Without this stage, it is challenging to carry out construction works, let alone function efficiently in the house. Unfortunately, it should be noted that the construction of utility connections also involves dealing with many formalities, which can take up to 4 months.

Construction to the Shell State

Now, the construction of the turnkey house can begin. The first stage is to build the house to the shell state, which includes: earthworks, foundations, walls, ceilings, and roof.

Developer's Finishing Works

The next step is to perform internal plastering, flooring, and insulation. The finishing of the building's facade is also completed, including attaching plasterboard panels, plastering, and decoration, among others.

Turnkey Works

This is one of the final stages of construction, and after its completion, the house will be ready for immediate use. Turnkey house construction includes plastering, painting walls and ceilings, laying the floor, installing doors, windows, and sills, finishing the sanitary facilities, executing the roof overhang, as well as installing electrical equipment. A domestic boiler room is also created. Furthermore, when opting for a turnkey house project, you can also avail the services of an interior architect.


The last step to complete the turnkey house construction is landscaping the surrounding area. This is the perfect complement to the entire project, ensuring a cohesive and aesthetic final result. Landscaping can include preparing the driveway, paths, terrace, stairs, as well as fences and entrance gates.

Is Turnkey House Construction Worth It?

Turnkey house construction is something we always recommend to our clients. This approach allows for saving time, money, and the investor's nerves! Turnkey houses are constructed from A to Z by specialists who are committed to precise and professional execution of their tasks. Moreover, New-House offers a ten-year warranty on the completed turnkey house project, giving you the assurance of well-executed work.

What's more, having all the work completed by one company also ensures much faster completion of all the tasks. The smooth execution of individual services results from good communication between employees and their knowledge of the scope of work already done. Ending the cooperation at the developer's finish stage will not allow you to move into the house, as turnkey works still need to be done.

Many people avoid turnkey house construction, fearing the final costs. However, this is a misconception that should be changed. Turnkey works must be completed, and reserving sufficient funds and entrusting the entire project to one company can be financially advantageous. Many construction companies offer more favorable conditions when entering into a comprehensive cooperation agreement.

It is also worth noting that "turnkey house construction" is a very flexible term, and its definition can be shaped according to the investor's needs and expectations. The exact scope of work performed as part of the service depends on your requirements.

Turnkey House from New-House

Do you dream of having your own turnkey house? It is an excellent solution that brings many benefits. However, it is essential to entrust the implementation of this project to reliable and proven professionals.

New-House has been providing such services since 1991. We have completed thousands of single-family houses, many of which were turnkey houses. Throughout the years of our operations, we have prepared around 1,500 single-family houses, which were very diverse due to various needs and expectations of our clients. Our goal is to prepare an offer for the investor that is interesting and allows for the construction of a beautiful, solid home.

Turnkey House Construction in Poznań

Are you planning to build a house in Poznań? It is a fantastic, prospering city that offers many opportunities to its residents. New-House has repeatedly completed turnkey house construction projects in Poznań. Investors are eager to build their homes there, and we make every effort to realize their dream single-family houses.

Turnkey house construction in Poznań is one of our main services, although we have been operating throughout Poland since 1991. Over the years, New-House has completed about 1,500 single-family houses, which were very diverse due to the various needs and expectations of our clients. Our goal is to prepare an offer that is tailored to the investor's needs and allows for the construction of a beautiful, solid home.

How Does Turnkey House Construction in Poznań Proceed?

Whether the construction of turnkey houses takes place in Poznań or any other city, the course of work is similar. The actual form of cooperation primarily depends on the investor, and the realization will be tailored to their preferences. New-House's comprehensive construction of turnkey houses can include every detail of the works, so the investor does not have to worry about any aspect of the project. Our specialists will take care of everything.

Turnkey house construction (Poznań) includes the following elements:

  • Assistance in finding the right plot – New-House company specialists are available to you in many matters. We support our clients not only when the construction of houses is underway, but long before the implementation starts. We gladly help investors find the appropriate plot for construction – we check its parameters, soil conditions, groundwater level, access to utilities, price, and more.

  • Selection and purchase of a single-family house project – clients interested in turnkey house construction in Poznań can take advantage of our offer of ready-made single-family house projects, or order an individual project from one of our architects. Can't find your dream project? Our specialists will be happy to assist you.

  • Obtaining a building permit – comprehensive house construction by New-House in any location in Poland, including Poznań, provides investors with peace of mind. We also take care of handling all necessary formalities. The client is relieved of as many responsibilities as possible, and can watch as the realization of their house progresses.

  • Construction of utility connections – our offer also includes the service of making utility connections on the construction plot. We provide gas, electricity, sewerage, and water installations.

  • Construction of houses to the developer's standard – house construction under New-House management in Poznań proceeds very quickly. We complete the developer's standard house in six months! At that point, the foundations, walls, ceiling, roof, insulation, floors, and facade are already done.

  • Turnkey works – one of the final stages of house construction involves completing the turnkey works, which prepare the house for occupancy. We perform plastering, paint walls and ceilings, lay the floor, install doors, windows, and sills, and also take care of the roof soffit, finishing the sanitary node. House construction to the turnkey stage in Poznań takes only nine months!

  • Landscaping – clients choosing to cooperate with New-House can also take advantage of our service of designing and executing the arrangement of the area around the house. We carry out plantings, driveways, fencing, gates, terraces, gazebos, etc.

  • Interior design – individuals who value a comprehensive approach can also opt for interior design projects from our architects. We also take care of their implementation.

Building houses turnkey ensures satisfaction – you will receive a completed house ready for occupancy. What's more, by choosing to cooperate with New-House, you can have a smooth construction process as we take full responsibility for building your house. Additionally, the completed cooperation comes with a ten-year warranty for the services we provide.

Building houses turnkey Poznań – choose a project with us

To have your house built in Poznań, it is necessary to select a specific project for implementation. Where to find it? Which project is the best? We have three solutions for you:

Ready-made single-family house projects

As a construction company, we offer our clients a richly equipped database of ready-made single-family house projects, which you can find at: https://new-house.com.pl/en/projekty-domow. Building houses turnkey in Poznań can include various designs. Our projects vary in terms of price, size, type of construction, and style. You will undoubtedly find something for yourself there.

Custom house project

Building houses turnkey in Poznań can also be based on an individual project. Our experienced architects, highly regarded in the industry, can create a custom house project for you or carry out the adaptation of one of the ready-made projects.

House project from an external company

Building houses with New-House also involves using projects from external companies. Some investors come to us with a pre-purchased project, and we take care of its realization.

Are you having trouble finding the right single-family house project? We encourage you to contact our specialists – they will assist you in finding a project tailored to your needs and financial possibilities.

Building houses turnkey in Poznań – how much does it cost?

Every investor always wonders how much building a house costs before starting the construction. The answer to this question cannot be straightforward. It depends on various factors, including the location, the size of the planned construction, and the chosen technology. However, to check how much building a house in Poznań might cost, we have prepared an intuitive construction cost calculator for you. It allows you to estimate the costs of building a house to the developer's standard. We also provide detailed cost estimates for turnkey construction upon request.

To use our construction cost calculator, simply visit the following link: https://new-house.com.pl/en/kalkulator-budowy-domu.

Build your home in Poznań with New-House

Are you interested in our offer? We invite you to cooperate with us, and we will be happy to build your turnkey house in Poznań. We guarantee a smooth construction process and high-quality work. Our services come with a ten-year warranty! Please feel free to contact our specialists who are available from Monday to Sunday, between 7 AM to 9 PM. You can find our contact information at: https://new-house.com.pl/en/kontakt.

Turnkey works

Investors deciding to commission the construction of a house have various options for such cooperation. The house can be built to the raw state (both open and closed), to the developer's standard, or to the turnkey state. The latter means that the investor will receive a fully finished house ready for occupancy. When cooperating with New-House, clients can count on a maximally comprehensive approach to private construction projects. Our services cover all tasks related to building a single-family house, from the moment the decision to build is made. Our specialists provide support and assistance both in terms of physical construction works and in handling all legal formalities necessary for a lawful construction. Let's take a closer look at how building a house turnkey is realized by our construction company?

Building a house turnkey – what does New-House take care of?

  1. Finding a building plot on the designated area specified by the investor.

  2. Thoroughly checking the building plot in terms of technical, locational, and administrative aspects.

  3. Selecting a ready-made house project or creating a custom project based on the investor's preferences.

  4. Handling the formalities related to utility connections.

  5. Physically executing the connections for electricity, gas, water, and sewage.

  6. Dealing with the formalities for obtaining a building permit.

  7. Bringing the house to the closed raw state – foundations, load-bearing walls, ceiling, chimney, windows, external doors, garage door. Half of the house's construction is completed.

  8. Bringing the house to the developer's standard – external plastering, roof insulation, wall finishes, floor screeds, utility connections.

  9. Bringing the house to the turnkey state – performing various finishing works, which will be described in detail later in this text.

  10. Landscaping around the house – creating plantings, elements of small architecture, pools, terraces, driveways, sidewalks, lighting, fences, driveway gates, etc.

  11. Technical acceptance of the building.

What turnkey works are carried out by New-House?

Below, we present a catalog of works that we most commonly perform as part of turnkey house construction. However, it is important to note that this list does not exhaust the scope of our services at this stage. The specific turnkey works performed for a particular house depend directly on the needs and expectations of the investor and the budget they have at their disposal.

The most commonly performed turnkey works include:

  • complete construction of the boiler room allowing for its activation,

  • interior plastering,

  • painting of walls,

  • painting of ceilings,

  • installation of tiles, terracotta, floor panels, or parquet, depending on the investor's requirements,

  • complete installation of windows and doors,

  • completion of all elements in the sanitary node,

  • installation of the soffit,

  • installation of interior windowsills,

  • installation of electrical fixtures.

How long does it take to build a turnkey house?

The duration of building a single-family house turnkey depends on the size and complexity of the selected project by the investor. The construction time for a small house will be different from that of a several-hundred-square-meter villa. However, based on our company's over thirty years of experience in comprehensive house construction throughout the country, we can tentatively assume that building a turnkey house usually takes about a year, with the following breakdown of work stages:

  • obtaining a building permit - 3 months,

  • bringing the house to the rough state - 3 months,

  • bringing the house to the developer's standard - 3 months,

  • bringing the house to the turnkey state - 3 months.

How much does turnkey house construction cost?

Unfortunately, there is no simple and straightforward answer to the question about the cost of building a turnkey house because it depends on various factors. However, we understand that the financial aspect is crucial for investors. Therefore, to meet the needs of our clients, we offer two solutions that allow you to know the cost of building a house before starting the project.

  1. A collection of ready-made house designs with estimated costs can be found on the New-House website: https://new-house.com.pl/en/projekty-domow.

Each house design in our collection comes with a current cost estimate for its construction. This way, you can check the financial requirements for building your dream house already during the search for the perfect project.

  1. A single-family house construction calculator is available on the New-House website: https://new-house.com.pl/en/kalkulator-budowy-domu.

This calculator allows you to estimate the cost of building a house based on specific requirements such as the area, roof and ceiling type, and garage preferences.

Is it worth opting for turnkey construction?

Investors often wonder whether turnkey house construction is worthwhile. In our opinion, it is definitely worth it, and this is supported by more than just empty boasts but actual facts. Turnkey construction saves both time and money for the investor and reduces stress. It is an excellent solution for busy clients who lack the time and often the desire to deal with the multitude of details and serious matters that must be addressed during the construction of a single-family house. Furthermore, let's face it, investors are rarely experts in construction, which means they lack the experience, knowledge, and skills necessary to assess the quality of the work done. Cooperation with specialists such as New-House means that they are obliged to perform their duties in a reliable and professional manner, ensuring the proper quality of work. The ten-year warranty on our construction services confirms the highest quality of our work.

Commissioning a turnkey construction to one contractor is not only a cost-effective approach but also results in faster project completion. Excellent communication between various teams allows for smooth execution of planned actions, avoiding delays. Moreover, turnkey construction by one company may ultimately be cheaper than independently finishing a house in the developer's standard because many construction companies offer favorable prices to investors who entrust all the work to a single entity.

So if you are planning to build a house but are worried about how to handle such a complex project, consider comprehensive cooperation with New-House. We have been continuously building single-family houses throughout Poland since 1991. During this time, we have successfully completed over 1500 construction projects, as confirmed by numerous references from our investors. By working with our company, you have access to a team of specialists representing various fields related to single-family construction. Their knowledge, experience, and practical skills enable efficient completion of all tasks necessary at each stage of house construction. Our primary goal is to maximize the relief of our clients, turning the construction process, which can be stressful and worrisome, into a time of joyful anticipation of a new stage in life. If this is precisely the kind of construction you are interested in, feel free to contact our advisors, who are available from Monday to Sunday between 7:00 AM and 9:00 PM. Call and explore the available possibilities because you deserve to have your own dream home!




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