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Rezydencja Floryda 2
Usable area: 537 m2
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Usable area: 394 m2
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Ready House Projects from New-House

When deciding to build a house, we face a difficult choice. Various beautiful house designs circulate in our minds, but we can only choose one. Ready single-family house construction plans with cost estimates can facilitate this choice.

New-House has been building houses since 1991 nationwide. We have completed more than 1500 construction projects. We constantly evolve and understand our clients' needs. We know how challenging it is to decide how the future home should look, so we have created a database for investors rich in unique house designs with cost plans. There, you can explore a variety of ready concepts that differ in size, building type, design style, and other factors. You can view ready one-story house designs and their prices at: We encourage you to check out our offerings.

How to Choose a Single-Family House Design?

As you can observe, our database contains many designs. The main division we use to distinguish houses is their types. How do these single-family house designs differ? What criteria should you follow when choosing a house design? How to select the perfect house design? We're here to help and answer:

Small One-Story House Designs

This is one of the most popular choices among our clients. A one-story house has many advantages due to its simple construction – no stairs and slanted walls significantly facilitate space arrangement. Additionally, choosing a single-story building design means that all family life happens in one place. It's easier to maintain close relationships, and it's also easier to provide safety and comfort for all family members. If you live with older people or young children, stairs can be a significant hindrance to functionality.

A single-story family house doesn't have to be cramped at all; everything depends on the investor's financial possibilities and the purchased plot of land. In our database, you can find ready designs of various sizes. These can be houses with an area of one hundred square meters, two hundred square meters, or three hundred square meters. If you don't find a design in our database that fits your desired size – we can create a custom house design for you or modify one of the designs you like.

New-House House Designs

Single-Family Houses with Usable Attic Space Designs

This is the second most popular type of design that we create for our clients. A significant advantage of this type of house is its low cost relative to the obtained space. A single-family house design with an attic is an ideal solution for people who have a small plot of land but want to achieve a relatively large house area on it.

Moreover, such a house is a good solution for people who appreciate architectural variety. A house design with an attic can be enhanced, for example, with a balcony or spectacular roof windows. Our ready affordable house designs also include houses with attics. The New-House gallery is rich in designs of various sizes and different architectural styles. You will surely find something for yourself.

Two-Story Single-Family House Designs

Although these designs are not the most commonly chosen by Poles, they are slowly gaining more interest. This is an ideal solution for people interested in designs for narrow plots. Two-story houses combine the advantages of single-story and attic houses. We get the possibility of easier arrangement because there are no slanted walls here, and we also get maximum space in a small area.

Modern Single-Family House Designs

Our clients are increasingly interested in architectural innovations, and instead of traditional houses, they choose modern building designs. Modern house plans differ primarily in terms of the style used – they are minimalistic, original buildings. Clients often opt for the use of intelligent software to control alarms or lighting in these designs.

Among modern houses, barn-style houses are gaining popularity. Designs in this style are a combination of simplicity and modern architecture. A modern barn-style house is a building in the shape of a rectangular block with a sloping roof. Such house plans often feature large windows – this way, the house gains natural light and a sense of larger space.

Modern house designs are still a new solution in Poland and often stand out among others. If you're interested in different, unique solutions, check out modern building designs in our gallery.

Park House

This is a one-story house with an area of 120 square meters, but the architect considered the possibility of also utilizing the attic, if the investor is interested. The Park House design was created in the style of traditional Polish manors, which makes its appearance so unique and appealing to many clients. The visualization of the finished project is available at the link: The house is designed in the shape of the letter L and includes a garage for two cars.

Florida Villa

This is a two-story house, completely different from the one mentioned earlier. The house design features a large area, over three hundred square meters, with a garage for three cars, a terrace, and a swimming pool. The house is maintained in a modern, comfortable style. The rooms are spread over two floors, everything is functional and carefully thought out. You can view the complete house design at the link:

New-House Single-Family House Designs

House with a View

This is another two-story house, this time maintained in urban modernity atmospheres. An important aspect was to ensure the building's high functionality, which is evident from the thoughtful layout of the rooms. Designers took care of good insulation, so this is an energy-efficient house design. The house plan also includes a garage for two cars and a covered terrace. You can read more about it here:

These are just three house designs from New-House – there are many more. All ready designs with cost estimates can be found in our project gallery. Of course, we also handle custom orders – if you have a plan in mind and are looking for someone to bring it to life, contact us. Our architects will be happy to create a house design for you. We also collaborate with individuals who already have a finished design and are only looking for a contractor.

Ready House Designs with Estimates

Ready single-family house designs have conquered the construction market. More and more investors opt for this type of collaboration with an architect. A ready house design is cheaper, and there are so many options available that you can easily find an implementation that perfectly fits the investor's needs.

Construction of a single-family house can be based on an individual or a ready design. Investors are clearly divided between supporters of each of these versions. However, as a construction company with many years of experience in the market, we notice that ready designs with estimates are becoming increasingly popular. This trend is hardly surprising – such a solution brings many convincing advantages.

What are the Benefits of Ready House Designs?

Investors who opt for ready designs with estimates usually follow a few main criteria.

Cost of Implementation – a ready house design is the cheapest option available. There are plenty of implementation proposals online, and their prices usually range from 2,000 to 5,000 PLN. This is a highly competitive price, and for many investors, financial considerations are one of the main decision-making factors.

Waiting Time – ready designs can be purchased at any time. There is no need to analyze needs and possibilities, no need to wait for proposals from an architect – everything is ready. Construction based on a ready design does not involve any surprises. Even before deciding on the construction, you can check the design, its visualization, and often also photos of previous implementations.

Wide Selection – constructing a property based on a ready design is often associated by many people with a boring, uninteresting realization. This is a very misleading statement. Ready single-family house designs are currently a very popular solution, so construction companies strive to offer the most interesting, diverse solutions possible. You can easily adjust the design in terms of size, cost, and even style.

Ready-made House Design or Custom Design?

Many investors ask us whether it's better to choose a ready-made house design or a custom one. It's hard to give a definitive answer because each investor has different priorities.

Finances should definitely be taken into account. You can buy a ready-made single-family house design for as low as two thousand Polish zlotys, whereas custom designs usually cost between twelve to thirty thousand. Building a property from a ready-made design can be an interesting and unique project. However, it might not be suitable if you have very specific requirements. Investors with a clear and original vision should consider collaborating with an architect for a custom design, as ready-made designs may not meet their expectations. The same applies to exceptionally large projects; ready-made designs tend to adhere to standard dimensions. Nevertheless, choosing a ready-made design doesn't mean completely giving up on personalized solutions. After purchasing a ready-made design, you can adapt it to comply with local spatial planning regulations, which is still very cost-effective. Small changes in implementation shouldn't cost more than 800 Polish zlotys, while major modifications (such as changing the volume or layout of load-bearing walls) could cost around 3,000 to 4,000 Polish zlotys. Typically, the total cost of purchasing a ready-made design and making adaptations doesn't exceed seven to eight thousand zlotys.

Ready-made Single-family House Designs with Pricing from New-House

In response to our clients' needs, we have prepared a website offering access to a comprehensive database of house designs with pricing. You can view them at the following link: This database contains a wide variety of designs, categorized based on:

Each house design comes with information about its price. Additionally, you can check precise measurements, building plans, and computer-generated visualizations of the completed project. By selecting a specific design, you can also check the cost of construction up to the developer's standard as well as the cost of a single monthly installment. If you're interested in ready-made designs with turnkey pricing, simply click on the "Request a detailed quote" link.

Some examples of ready-made single-family house designs from New-House include:

Aruba 2 – a single-story house with an area of 103 square meters. It includes two bedrooms, a spacious living room connected to the kitchen and dining area, and a cozy terrace at the back of the house. The design does not include a garage. You can find more about this design on the website:

Medulin A – a ready-made design for a single-family house with a usable attic. The total usable area is 156 square meters, featuring a two-car garage and a terrace. It has a simple yet elegant modern facade. You can explore the visualization of the construction at the following link:

Willa Floryda – this design is an excellent choice for those interested in large and extraordinary house designs. Willa Floryda has a usable area of 363 square meters spread over two floors. The building's shape is highly original and eye-catching. The design includes various amenities such as a pool, terrace, balconies, and a multi-car garage. You can find more information about this design at the following link:


House Designs with Cost Estimates – How Much Should You Prepare?

As it's commonly known, ready-made single-story house designs are meant to help investors understand the cost of their dream construction. But what factors influence the total amount? When opting for an investor's construction estimate, it's beneficial to use a detailed calculation. The estimated cost can be calculated using the following formula:

This formula allows you to calculate the estimated cost (Ck) as a product of specific factors:

Based on this formula, the estimated cost is the price proposed by the contractor for carrying out the specific construction. If none of the house designs with cost estimates have appealed to you enough to proceed, but you still want to know the approximate construction cost, it's worth using a construction calculator. By entering basic information about your desired construction, the tool will calculate the cost of construction up to the developer's standard. New-House's construction calculator is available at:

Ready-made Designs with Cost Estimates

For investors interested in ready-made designs with construction estimates, the database of ready-made designs with pricing from New-House can be incredibly useful. You can access it here: This is a comprehensive and diverse database that makes it easy for you to find your dream project.

Why is this the ideal place for individuals interested in ready-made designs with construction estimates? Each design in the database is accompanied by information about its purchase price, construction costs up to the developer's standard, building and plot dimensions. You can also view building plans and computer-generated visualizations of turnkey construction. On the website, you can also request a detailed quote for a comprehensive construction project and discuss financing plans. It's important to remember that each house design can be adapted and customized to meet specific requirements.

Is it Worth Building a House with a Mezzanine?

How to create a house with a unique interior? How to maximize the use of space? The ideal solution is a house with a mezzanine! It's a great way to utilize the house's space and add an impressive design element.

Although not a separate additional floor, the mezzanine is located above the ground floor of the building. It's a so-called half-floor, usually consisting of one room. This is a good way to utilize spaces with high ceilings. Many investors opt for this solution also for aesthetic reasons – it adds an interesting touch to traditional designs.

A house with a mezzanine comes with many advantages, and it's worth considering this solution during the house construction stage. Incorporating it into the initial design speeds up the construction process, simplifies the construction work, and reduces building costs.

How are houses with mezzanines constructed?

Of course, a mezzanine can be added to an existing house, but it's advisable to decide on this solution early on. A house built with the intention of including a mezzanine will have a much better-organized space and will be more functional. Houses with mezzanines can be constructed based on ready-made designs or customized by an architect according to individual preferences.

Ready-made designs for houses with mezzanines can be found in the database prepared by New-House company. These designs vary in terms of style, size, and price – you can easily find something suitable there. Each design can also be adapted and tailored to specific needs. You can find house designs with mezzanines at the following link: In the later part of the article, specific designs from our project database are presented.

Another good option is to build a house based on an individual design. Although it's a more expensive solution, it allows for much better customization of the entire project to the investor's expectations and possibilities. This collaboration is especially recommended for people who want to build an unusually large or small house or when construction is planned on a demanding, non-standard plot. An individual house design with a mezzanine is also recommended for those with very specific expectations regarding the outcome.

House with Mezzanine – Implementation Requirements

What conditions must be met for a house with a mezzanine to be realized? The main determinant is having a sufficiently large space. To have a mezzanine in the living room, a very high ceiling is required. Movement on the mezzanine must be comfortable for the residents, so it is recommended that the entire room's height be around four meters.

If you want the mezzanine in the house to be used as a bedroom, its minimum height should be 1.2 meters. However, if it's intended for recreational purposes (library, office, wardrobe), the height should be significantly higher, allowing residents to stand comfortably.

House Design with Mezzanine from New-House

For those interested in a house design with a mezzanine above the living room, ready-made designs for single-family houses can be very helpful. This is a popular way among investors to find their dream project, and for others, it can serve as a source of inspiration to create their own individual design. Here are a few house designs with a mezzanine in the living room, varying in terms of price, size, and style.

Riviera 2

This is a two-story building with a total usable area of 163 square meters. Interesting glazing has been applied here, enhancing the impressive facade. On the ground floor, there is an office, toilet, hallway, kitchen, and a spacious (32.57 sqm) living room with a mezzanine. There is also a utility area, and on the upper floor of the Riviera 2 house, the sleeping area is located. To view this house design with a mezzanine above the living room, simply click on the link:

House with a View 4

This is a slightly larger house with a mezzanine above the living room than the previous proposal. It has two floors and a floor area of 285 square meters, accommodating four bedrooms, making it ideal for a family of five. The living room with a mezzanine in this design is much larger, covering 53.23 square meters. You can view the entire design at the following link:

Florida Villa

If you dream of an exceptional, very large house with a mezzanine, this is the ideal solution. Villa Floryda covers a staggering 363 square meters, and the living room with a mezzanine alone is almost sixty square meters. This is a very extensive design with many amenities for residents, including a multi-space garage, office, recreational room, extensive utility area, and a large terrace. For many people, this house with a mezzanine represents their dream realization. You can view the design at the following link:

Is It Worth Choosing a House with a Mezzanine?

A single-family house design must be primarily tailored to the needs and expectations of the investor. Therefore, it's challenging to answer whether such a solution will be suitable for you. It's worth consulting your concerns with a designer.

A house with a mezzanine is primarily additional space to utilize. Many investors choose to create a bedroom, office, TV corner, or play area for children there. You can spend time there with your entire family and friends. One significant advantage of a mezzanine is that it simply enhances the arrangement – it's an unusual, eye-catching solution.

Do houses with mezzanines have any drawbacks? Unfortunately, when deciding on this solution, it's necessary to ensure adequate heating for the entire building. An inadequately designed heating system can result in a significant temperature difference (for example, it might be hot on the mezzanine while cold in the living room). A house with a mezzanine should also have a well-designed air ventilation system. Ensuring proper lighting design is also essential.



Compilation of Ready Single-Storey House Projects

Single-storey houses are a popular, classic solution – there is no shortage of such designs in our database. We understand that for those interested in ready-made houses, the price list is also important – that's why we present projects in various price ranges.

Cytrus 6 – a ready-made single-storey house project covering an area of 164 square meters. The design includes a double garage. The house's facade is modern and utilizes various architectural forms. More information on the website:

Wymarzony 11 - a single-family house project with 119 m2. The design has been enhanced with a single-car garage and a terrace at the back of the house. The building features large, impressive glass elements, ensuring a modern look. More information on the website:

Bora Bora – a compact house design (92 m2) that is well-planned to maximize functionality. The building also includes a single-car garage. The house facade combines contrasting colors, making it eye-catching. More information on the website:

List of Ready Two-Storey House Projects

Investors who value more space and original style prefer two-storey houses over single-storey ones. New-House's ready two-storey building projects are highly diverse – perhaps one of them will be your dream single-family home.

Achilles – a modern, intriguing house with an unconventional structure. Various materials have been used, catching the eye. Achilles is a ready-made project with a living area of 177 square meters and a one-car garage. More information on the website:

Bitola – if you are interested in projects with ample living space, this house might appeal to you. It offers 179 square meters, a double garage, and a large balcony. One can feel very comfortable in this house. More information on the website:

E-166 – this project is an ideal solution for those interested in ready projects in the style of elegant residences. The design includes a terrace, balcony, and a double garage. The visual representation also shows how the house can look with a built-in pool. More information on the website:

Ready Projects with Habitable Attics

Houses with habitable attics are still the most frequently chosen designs by Polish investors. One of the main factors favoring this choice is the lowest price per square meter of usable space. Therefore, such ready projects with pricing are a common purchase among our customers. Below, we present unique attic house designs.

Morfeusz II – this house design will undoubtedly appeal to investors looking for a residence reminiscent of a classic manor. It is an elegant house with an interesting structure, covering an area of 151 square meters. It also has a double garage. More information on the website:

Zr5 – a design with a particularly large area, covering 345 square meters. This house is for those who appreciate unconventional solutions – evident in its unique shape utilizing bends and arches. The building comes with a double garage. More information on the website:

Brygida – this time, the proposal is a house design that utilizes stone elements and large glass panels in its facade. The result is truly original. The house is built on 143 square meters. More information on the website:

Houses for Narrow Lots – New-House

The building plot has a significant impact on the later course of construction. Its soil conditions, shape, and dimensions are essential. Investors sometimes inherit a narrow lot or find a plot in their dream location, but it turns out to be exceptionally narrow. In such cases, the question arises: is it difficult to find house designs for narrow lots? Definitely not! You have a wide range of options among our designs.

Investors often look for house designs for lots up to 18m, or even designs for lots up to 14 meters and narrower. Non-standard plots are not uncommon, so finding a suitable design shouldn't be challenging for you. Depending on your expectations and financial possibilities, you can choose from custom-designed houses or our extensive selection of ready-made designs. Among interesting solutions is the adaptation of an existing design to better suit individual customer preferences. Which solution will be most advantageous for you? We will help you choose!

Ready Designs for Narrow Lots

Currently, ready designs are the most popular choice among investors for several reasons. Firstly, such a solution is very cost-effective, as prices for ready house designs for narrow lots start at just two thousand złotys. Moreover, architectural studios, knowing the high demand for this type of solution, offer a wide variety of interesting designs. The range of proposals is extensive and diverse in terms of price, style, technology, and dimensions, tailored to the individual needs of investors. Thanks to this, you can be sure that you will easily find intriguing ready designs for narrow lots.

Below, we present sample house designs for narrow lots available on our website.

Gwiazdka III – a two-story single-family house project without a garage. The entire building covers exactly 121.5 square meters. To build this house, a lot with minimum dimensions of 17.77 meters in width and 18.42 meters in length will be necessary. The living space of the house is functionally and practically planned, making it suitable for even a family of six. The living area includes a room connecting the living room and dining room, equipped with a fireplace and access to the garden. There is also a study, which, if necessary, can serve as an additional bedroom. The ground floor also includes a bathroom and utility room. The first floor features three bedrooms, a bathroom, and a walk-in closet. This house design is executed in an elegant style, reminiscent of traditional manor houses. This proposal will undoubtedly appeal to those interested in house designs for lots up to 18m. More information about the project can be found at:

Z45 – this is a beautiful house design for a narrow lot, realized in the form of a house with an attic. Its living space covers 105 square meters, presenting a simple structure with a traditional gabled roof. The facade is done in white tones and combined with wood, creating a sense of modern elegance. The modest size of the building allows it to be constructed on many lots, making it suitable for families with children. The Z45 house design includes three functional bedrooms and a bathroom on the attic level, while the ground floor contains the daily-living area, including a spacious living room, kitchen, bathroom, and vestibule. A garage is not included in the construction plan. This design will be suitable for those interested in house designs for lots up to 14 meters. This project requires a lot with a width of 13.98 meters and a length of 17.78 meters. To learn more about the design, please visit:

Dylan – the next proposal is a house with a slightly larger living area, covering 145 square meters and built as a two-story residence. Dylan requires a lot with minimum dimensions of 18.11 meters in width and 23.55 meters in length. Its facade is very bright and minimalist, making it appealing to those seeking modern solutions. Additionally, it includes a single-car garage. Dylan is suitable for larger families, as it features four bedrooms, a walk-in closet, a laundry room, and a shared bathroom on the upper floor. The ground floor consists of an additional bathroom, kitchen, living room, entrance vestibule, and utility room. This house is a well-designed, functional space that will appeal to investors interested in house designs for lots up to 19m. More information about the project is available at:

Custom House Designs for Narrow Lots

If you have an exceptionally challenging plot, opting for individual collaboration with an architect is a wise choice. This ensures that your house design for a narrow lot will be perfectly tailored to your purchased land. Custom designs for narrow lots are also recommended for individuals with very specific requirements regarding construction technology, style, and room layout. While working with an architect is more expensive than using ready-made designs (prices start at 12,000 PLN), it allows you to realize a house project that fits your needs in every aspect.

Before starting the collaboration, we encourage you to verify the possible construction costs. Our construction cost calculator will help you estimate the financial investment required to achieve the developer's standard within a few minutes. New-House's building cost calculator is available at:


During construction, we consider existing house designs available in our studio. We offer semi-detached house designs that meet investors' expectations in terms of a ready house design. Our technical design takes into account construction costs, room layout, and building conditions.

House with Basement or Without? Is it Worth Considering Such Construction?

Not long ago, houses with basements were the norm. Why? Contrary to popular belief, it wasn't solely to obtain additional utility space. In the past, basements were constructed to provide better thermal insulation for the building. An additional advantage was that the low temperature made it an ideal place to store food supplies and preserves – it served as a pantry.

Today, with single-family homes having excellent insulation, there's no need for additional space in the form of a basement. Pantries and utility rooms are now often located on the ground floor.

Does this mean a house with a basement is a bad choice? Not at all! Investors still choose designs with basements, and it might be the perfect solution for you too. Opting for a house with a basement provides extra space that can be utilized in various ways. The basement is isolated from the living and sleeping areas of the house, making it an ideal spot for quiet moments of relaxation. Basements are often used for home gyms, billiard rooms, home theaters, laundry rooms, drying rooms, home offices, or home libraries – the options are wide and depend on your personal preferences.

It's particularly worth considering house designs with basements in the following cases:

How Much Does a House with a Basement Cost?

It is estimated that the total cost of building a house with a basement will be approximately 30% higher than constructing a house without a basement. If you want to find out how much it costs to build just the house itself, we encourage you to use our construction cost calculator: Using our tool is completely free and unlimited. Within a few minutes, you can check the estimated cost of building your dream house.

Ready House Designs with Basements

If you want to build a house with a basement, you have two options: create a house based on a individually prepared design or choose from ready house designs with basements. Both solutions are excellent! Ready designs offer significantly lower costs, while custom designs will perfectly meet your expectations and needs.

New-House has a rich selection of ready designs, including thousands of single-family house proposals: Among them, you will find several house designs with basements. Here are a few of them:

Rezydencja Parkowa 3 – This is a large single-family house with a usable attic, covering a total area of 259 square meters. It can easily accommodate a family of seven with its ample bedrooms and spacious living area. Notably, this design includes both a basement and a two-car garage. For more information, please visit:

Carmen Magdalena A – This is a two-story house design with a two-car garage and a basement. The total usable area of the building is 154 square meters, suitable for a family of four or five. The house boasts a modern style and maximizes space usage. To learn more about this house design, simply click the link:

It's worth mentioning that our architects can modify the selected ready design for you. The design doesn't have to include a basement, yet many of them can be adapted to include one. Feel free to reach out to our specialists! They are available every day from 7 AM to 9 PM and will be happy to answer all your questions.

Ready Designs Without a Garage from New-House

Does every ready single-family house design need to include a garage? Absolutely not! The perfect house design doesn't necessarily have to have a garage. Investors' needs are changing, and urban living increasingly allows people to do away with private transportation. You can easily find functional house designs without a garage. Let us show you specific solutions!

Many single-family house designs come with an integrated garage (often with two or more spaces). However, not every investor is interested in such solutions. The construction of the house should primarily be as tailored as possible to the investor's needs and the future residents of the house. Why are more people interested in house designs without a garage?

First and foremost, it's essential to consider that building a house without a garage represents significant cost savings. Cost is a crucial factor for many investors during construction. Opting for a house design without a garage allows for substantial financial savings, which you can observe by making calculations using our proprietary construction cost calculator: Using this tool, you can compare the construction costs of a house with and without a garage. It's a precise tool based on current construction market prices, highly valued by investors.

House designs without a garage are also popular among investors who own oddly shaped or small building plots. They work excellently as designs for narrow lots or for small or irregularly shaped plots. This approach allows you to maximize the space for residential purposes, which is particularly beneficial when dealing with a narrow plot.

Moreover, more city dwellers are giving up cars entirely. Major Polish cities have excellent public transportation systems, and traveling by car can often be more cumbersome and challenging than using public transport. Maintaining a car becomes uneconomical for many urban residents. In such situations, having a garage becomes unnecessary.

Ready-made House Projects without Garage - Proposals

Here are some sample house projects without a garage from the New-House company's design database:

Ryś (Lynx)

This is a well-executed house project up to 100m2, perfect for smaller plots. Its usable area covers exactly 91 square meters, planned over two floors (a type of house with an attic). Due to its small size and construction method, it's an affordable and reasonably priced house. The absence of a garage significantly reduces construction costs. To build the Lynx house, a plot with minimum dimensions of 22.15 meters by 9.75 meters is required. The project includes three bedrooms, two of which are double, making it suitable for a family of five. There are also two bathrooms and a spacious living room, making the house very functional. To learn more about the Lynx house project, visit the website:

Lucca LMB71

This is another option for those interested in small houses. The Lucca LMB71 house project has a usable area of fifty-four square meters, making it suitable for narrow and small plots. To realize it, a plot with an area of 16.7 meters in width and 18 meters in length is sufficient. If you're interested in single-story house projects without a garage, this might be appealing. The entire ground floor of the house consists of two bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen with a pantry, a living room with a dining area, and a vestibule. This house is perfect for a smaller family of three. Pay attention to the unique facade of the house, enhanced with large, striking windows. You can view the entire project and its computer visualization on the website:

Rademenes II

Small houses without a garage can look very elegant and intriguing, as demonstrated by the Rademenes II house project. It has a usable area of 80 square meters, all planned on a single floor. To build it, a plot with minimum dimensions of 19.12 meters by 17.28 meters is required. The house includes two double bedrooms, an open kitchen, a living room with a dining area, a bathroom, a utility room, and a vestibule. This house is an ideal choice for a classic family of four. For detailed information about the project, please visit the website:

It's important to note that each of these projects can be adapted to meet your individual expectations, needs, and the conditions of your building plot. Our specialists will consider all essential factors and carry out a professional adaptation in line with your instructions. Of course, we can also create a custom house project without a garage tailored specifically to your requirements, from A to Z.

Beautiful Houses – Designs, Realizations, Costs

As a construction company, we have completed over 1500 single-family house projects, and we understand that the concept of a "beautiful house" means something different for every investor. That's why we offer a wide range of solutions, thousands of ready-made projects, adaptation services, and the possibility to order a custom project from one of our architects. Beautiful houses come in various styles, and we have thousands of interesting proposals for you.

New-House has been operating in the construction market since 1991, collaborating with many investors, and we know that each of them has slightly different expectations. A small, classic house, or a large, luxurious residence? Modern design or a cottage-style house? Innovative solutions or traditional, proven construction methods? Single-story, two-story, or attic house? With or without a garage? There are many questions, and each of them significantly impacts the final result you'll encounter.

That's why we present various house projects from our database and suggest ways to find a project that perfectly fits your expectations.

Where to Find Beautiful Houses?

In the initial stages of searching for your dream single-family house project, we encourage you to visit our website, where we have made thousands of diverse proposals available. You can view house projects from top design studios in the country at the following link:

First and foremost, you can choose from one of the groups we have prepared. Projects have been categorized based on size, construction cost, style, and type of building (single-story, two-story, with an attic, with a garage). Another way to find your dream project is to use our advanced project search. You just need to specify the estimated house area, construction type, roof type, and garage presence. Based on this information, we will present only those projects that meet your criteria.

It's essential to remember that all our house projects can be adapted. This way, you can add your personal touch to the project at a minimal cost. Adaptation can include cosmetic changes, such as altering the facade color, but it can also be more substantial. Investors who want a beautiful house in their style often change window placement, building volume, construction materials, or room layout.

Beautiful Houses – Ready-to-Build Detached Garage Projects

Our project database includes various designs, so you will easily find building projects with an attic, single-story house projects, and two-story ones. In each of them, you'll find beautiful houses, and perhaps one of them will perfectly suit your expectations.

Single-Story Houses

Sardynia B – this is a small single-family house in an elegant style. Its usable area covers exactly 81.9 square meters. The project features a multi-pitched roof with a 28-degree slope and graphite roofing. The house comprises three bedrooms, making it suitable for a couple with two children, for example. A significant advantage of this design is the living room that combines the salon with the dining room – it includes a fireplace and wide glass doors leading to the terrace. Details of the project are available at:

HomeKONCEPT-36 Variant 1 – another option for those interested in single-story house projects is this modern design with an area of 131 square meters. The house features an interesting facade combining decorative panels, plaster, and wooden elements, all in a dark color scheme, creating a stunning modern effect. The house is designed for a family of four, including three bedrooms with direct access to the terrace, a large bathroom, a smaller bathroom with a shower, a kitchen with a pantry, and a spacious living room. Details of the design are described on the website:

Houses with an Attic

Markus G1 – this is another beautiful house in a modern style. It has a distinctive form that catches the eye and stays in your memory. Modern solutions are highlighted through a contrasting facade in black and white, combined with large windows. The interior of the house is divided into a day and utility zone (ground floor) and a night zone (attic). The upper floor includes three bedrooms and a shared large bathroom. The house covers 143 square meters, making it ideal for a family of four or five. The project also includes a single-car garage. You can check all the details and visualizations at:

Edek G2 Mocca – this time, our suggestion is a house in a classic style, yet it stands out with an interesting form. Its facade is planned in warm, brown tones, creating an immediate association with a family-friendly, pleasant place. The interior has been functionally organized for a family of five, comprising four bedrooms (one extra room for any purpose, like an additional bedroom if needed), two bathrooms, an open kitchen with a pantry, and a spacious living room connected to the dining area. The project also includes a two-car garage with utility space. Details of the design can be found at:

Two-Story Houses

MONTANA 1a – We know that many investors are interested in modern projects with flat roofs, and that's our next proposal. MONTANA 1a is an intriguing realization covering 174 square meters, spread over two floors. The house features four bedrooms, including two of them planned as double rooms, making it an ideal option for up to six people. One of the key features of this design is the interesting and impressive living room with spatial void above. The project also includes a two-car garage. More information about the project can be found at the following link:

Sunny Villa – Here's another proposal from the flat-roofed building projects group. Among investors in Poland, there is a growing number of people who appreciate modern architectural solutions – Sunny Villa definitely appeals to them. It's a two-story house with a flat roof, featuring a bright, minimalist facade, and its area covers 223 square meters. This option is for people who appreciate both innovation and comfort. The design has been divided into the daytime and utility zones (ground floor) and the night zone (upper floor). In the night area, there are four spacious bedrooms. Additionally, the house design includes amenities such as a home spa, jacuzzi, and sauna. You can view this beautiful house by following this link:

Advantages of House Projects with Garages

Such projects have several advantages, including:

Ready House Projects with Single and Double-Car Garages

New-House's project database is equipped with thousands of diverse single-family home designs. Many of them include garages in their plans. We offer a variety of options, so every investor can find a project that perfectly suits their expectations. You can find classic and modern houses, large residences, and standard single-family homes, as well as single-story, two-story, and attic designs. If you are specifically interested in projects with integrated garages, we invite you to check the following subpage: Here you'll find, for example:

Emerald House Project

This two-story house has a usable area of 133 square meters. Its space has been functionally divided into the daytime and nighttime zones, providing full comfort and privacy for the residents. The design includes three bedrooms, making it a perfect choice for a family of four. The garage has space for two cars and is directly connected to the spacious utility room. Details of the project are available on the website:

House on Parkowa 3 Project

This time we offer you a house project with an attic that stands out with its elegant, bright facade. The building covers an area of 109 square meters, including three bedrooms. The attic has been planned for additional use, depending on the needs and expectations of the investor. House on Parkowa 3 is a project with a single-car garage. Implementation details are described on the website:

Ofelia House Project

This is a proposal for investors looking for a smaller house design. Ofelia is a one-story house with an attic and a usable area of 108 square meters. The ground floor includes a spacious living room connected to the kitchen, two bedrooms, and a bathroom. The attic, on the other hand, can be arranged according to the needs of the residents. The project also includes a single-car garage. You can find more information on the website:

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our full offer. We are convinced that everyone will find a house project that meets their expectations and needs. If you have any questions or doubts, please contact us – we are here to help you choose the perfect design!