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Zastanawiasz się, jaki jest aktualny koszt budowy domu? Skorzystaj z kalkulatora, uzupełnij podstawowe dane i otrzymaj wycenę na maila.

What is the cost of constructing a house?

Constructing a house always consists of many stages - we start by choosing and buying a plot of land, and then we think about the design of the future house. These two stages will allow us to undertake the first construction works. You don't know what is the standard cost of constructing a house in Poland? You can quickly check it.

New-House company has many years of experience in constructing houses and therefore we know this market very well. Basing on our knowledge and years of work we have prepared a specialist house construction calculator. Our customers can easily and quickly find out the price of houses they are interested in. You do not know what design you can afford? Using our calculator, you will find out everything and test various possibilities.

Home construction calculator

New-House's proprietary tool is an intuitive home construction calculator that will allow the customer to analyse potential costs from different perspectives. It is completely free and very easy to use. We have included the most important dependencies influencing how much it costs to construct a house so that our customers can check it as soon as possible. How does the construction calculator work? We will describe it in a few simple subsections.

That's it - finding out what it costs to construct a house is quick and easy. At the end of the form, all you have to do is enter your contact information so that we can send you information on how much it costs to construct a house according to your idea to the email address provided.

If you are interested in house designs with estimates, you can also take a look at our designs with ready estimates. You can find them in the database under this link: https://new-house.com.pl/kalkulator-budowy-domu.

House construction - real estate development cost

How much does it cost to construct a home? This is a question we always hear from our clients, and we always try to answer it as best we can, even though we know it's difficult. Why? Because the right answer to this question is: it depends. Every home construction cost is individual and depends on many different factors. Our home construction calculator points to some of them.

If you fill in a short form in our construction calculator, you will receive an email feedback about the cost of constructing your house. The data calculated there will indicate the cost of constructing a house to developer state. If you are interested in constructing a turnkey house and would like to find out more about it, please contact us: https://new-house.com.pl/kontakt.

If your email has already included information such as what it costs to construct a single-storey house then you may be wondering what such construction will include. Construction to developer state means that we will provide:

Of course, you don't have to start cooperation on just constructing a house in a developer state. At your request, we can also prepare for you a quote for the construction of the house in the raw state, as well as give you the cost of turnkey construction of the house. We also deal with the development of green areas, if the investor expresses an interest in such a service.

Estimated cost to construct a house

When thinking about how much it costs to construct a house, it is also worth thinking about what the price actually depends on. Some time ago you could see houses cheaper than today - what does it depend on and what changes the price of constructing houses?

This can be analyzed from many perspectives. The world is changing rapidly, and this has a big impact on the economy, including the construction industry. Some of the primary changes that can be seen are:


Moreover, the legal regulations are also changing. It is worth knowing, for example, that from 2021 the cost of construction of single-family houses will change - they should be energy-efficient and meet new thermal insulation requirements. This will involve the use of other, more expensive constructing components.

Should we be concerned about this? It all depends on our perspective. We should remember that higher costs of construction are in a way natural - our economy has strongly changed over the last dozen years or so and the earnings of an average citizen are also higher. We can say that the cost of constructing a house has increased proportionally to the increase of our earnings.

kalkulator budowy domu New-House


Jak zbudować dom - finansowanie

Wysokość raty kredytowej wraz z ofertą finansową, wyślemy na maila, po wypełnieniu formularza

Dziękujemy za skorzystanie z formularza. Wysokość raty kredytowej, wraz z ofertą na finansowanie budowy wysłaliśmy na podanego maila.

Is it worth giving up constructing a house in favor of buying a flat? Definitely not. Price increases have not spared this aspect of the economy. The price of constructing blocks of flats alone has recently increased by 10%, and the cost of constructing materials and labor is also related to the final price of the apartment. The prices of apartments are also rising and that is why it is worth remembering how many aspects of your own home are more comfortable and more beneficial than living in a block of apartments.

It's time for your decision.

You already know how much it costs to construct a house, what services you can expect as part of that price, and what affects the quoted cost. This is a good knowledge base for your construction decision. The cost of constructing a house calculator has calculated according to your preferences, but you can also check house designs with cost estimates. We believe that you will make a decision that will keep you happy for years to come.

If any questions have arisen in your mind in the meantime - we are at your service.

House construction calculator


In New-House we know very well that one of the most important factors deciding about investing in your own house is the cost of construction. In order to make it as easy as possible for our customers to find out the prices, we have prepared our own house construction calculator - a simple and innovative tool thanks to which you can calculate the estimated house construction costs in just a few moments. We invite you to take a look at our offer!


For most investors, the cost of constructing a house is the most important factor that determines the decision to both invest in general and choose a specific design. Before we present how the house construction cost calculator prepared by us works, it is worth getting acquainted with the general prices that prevail in the construction market today.


            Construction estimate

According to the Central Statistical Office, in the first quarter of 2019, the average cost of constructing one square meter of residential space was about 4132 PLN. It is also estimated that in 2019 the cost of constructing a house will increase by about 8-9% compared to 2018. This consists of both an increase in the price of materials and rising labor costs. According to expert estimates, the prices of wooden materials and OSB will increase the most, by about 33%, thermal insulation will be more expensive by about 14%, wall and chimney construction materials - by about 12%, while lime and cement - by about 3.7%.

While this may seem worrying at first, it is important to be aware that the dynamics of housing price increases is similar or even higher - research published at the beginning of June 2019 shows that in all major cities in Poland, apartments have become more expensive by around 9-10% year-on-year. So, when deciding on your own property, you have to reckon with expenses - regardless of whether it is to be a house or an apartment. Overall, however, constructing a house may turn out to be only slightly more expensive than purchasing a large apartment in a prestigious location, and no one needs to be convinced of the benefits of living in your own home.

            Construction pricing - what can you save on?

It's also important to remember that you can save money on certain elements of construction.



            Home construction calculator from New-House - how does it work?

Construction calculator prepared by our company is a simple and intuitive tool that will allow you to find out the estimated price of selected house in a few moments! How to use it? It is really not difficult!


  1. Specify the area of the house you are interested in - think about how big your family is, what your needs are, how many rooms will be necessary to make your daily life comfortable.

  2. Choose the province where you live or where you want to construct a house - location is one of the most important factors determining the cost of constructing a house!

  3. Decide on the type of house - you can choose from three: single-storey, with a usable attic or multi-storey. This is also a very important factor that will determine the final price.

  4. Time to choose the type of roof! You can decide on a flat or pitched roof - depending on your preferences and financial possibilities (constructing a roof is about 30% of the cost of a shell house).

  5. A very important issue is the choice of the ceiling - it can be wooden or concrete. Don't worry if you can't make the right decision at this stage! Check the "I don't know" option. - Our construction calculator will calculate estimated costs for you anyway!

  6. Garage is important for many investors, - it can be a single garage or a double garage, although, of course, there are also houses without a garage in the body of the constructing. Choose the option that is interesting for you.

  7. Fill out the form and enter your contact information. A message containing a preliminary valuation of the selected house will be sent to the e-mail address provided!

Isn't that simple?

            Home construction calculator - why is it worth it?

The calculator for calculating installments of loans or credits on your own is already for years a standard in the financial industry - just go to the appropriate website and in a few moments gain interesting knowledge. Thanks to this you do not have to waste time for visiting banks, where employees present the appropriate calculations.

Now the same is true in the construction industry! You no longer need to make appointments with or even call architectural or construction companies - a home constructing calculator is a practical tool that allows you to get all the information you need online to make a construction decision!

Of course, it is worth remembering that the house construction cost calculator is only an approximate tool - it enables estimating the outlays needed for the investment. Its final price will be known only in detailed construction cost estimate - in New-House we update it on regular basis taking into account e.g. conditions on the construction market, costs of materials or labour. Thanks to that the customer has a guarantee that the valuation of the construction presented by us is as precise as possible.

House construction calculator by New-House is an invaluable and, what is very important, completely free help in making investment decisions! We do not charge any fees for using the calculator - all you need to do is provide your data and the estimated cost of construction will be sent to the indicated e-mail address. Constructing your own house does not have to be an unrealizable dream - at New-House we help to make it come true!


            Home construction calculator, mortgage assistance

People who dream of having their own place often struggle with a question - buying a ready-made apartment from a developer or constructing a detached house? Both require a considerable financial outlay from us. We must take into account the fact that a flat/house is often an investment of a lifetime. A helpful tool in making this decision will be a house construction calculator - https://new-house.com.pl/kalkulator-budowy-domu. Home construction calculator allows us to determine the cost of our future investment and make the right decision for us.

Buying a house from a developer is one of the forms of fulfilling the dream of having one's own corner to live in. The advantage of this solution is that the whole need is realized at once, without unnecessary formalities. You do not have to worry about permits and analyzing construction solutions. The downside of buying a house from a developer is the fear of whether the developer is a reliable, trustworthy company. Besides, when buying a ready-made house, we have to agree to the solutions applied.

Constructing a house from scratch, on the other hand, guarantees us a choice of any house design or commissioning an architect to create an individual design, who will adjust the whole layout of rooms to our needs. The key issue is to estimate the cost of construction. The whole difficulty is that the market is dynamic and prices change. Both material and labor prices are in constant change. During the season even 3 months make a difference. Unforeseen expenses and difficulties may arise. A good solution in such a situation is to use a house construction calculator that allows us to estimate approximate costs of our future investment. By calculating the cost of construction of a house we get a price in three options, i.e. raw state, developer state and turnkey option. Depending on the obtained cost estimate, we can make a decision to construct a house or we still have a chance to modify such decision.

The approximate value of investment which we are able to calculate on our own using a house construction calculator will always be an approximation of the house construction costs. However, we can calculate these costs precisely by using a detailed house construction cost estimate with reference to a specifically selected ready-made house design on our website https://new-house.com.pl/projekty-domow. There you will find a collection of ready-made designs with up-to-date estimation of construction costs. There are several thousand ready-made valuations at your disposal.

A construction calculator is certainly an aid in making investment decisions. An important step in trying to finance the construction of a house is to determine what credit we can afford. A helpful tool in this case will be a mortgage calculator https://new-house.com.pl/jak-zbudowac-dom/artykuly/finansowanie. It is enough that in appropriate fields we enter values such as: the amount of mortgage and its repayment period. After completing the values we will receive an e-mail with information on how much our mortgage installment will be together with a financial offer. Remember to contact a specialist in mortgage counseling, because the mortgage calculator will show us an approximate value, not the final offer.

Let's now focus on a specific example:

Choosing the design of a house with a usable attic with an area of about 200 m2, calculating with the house construction calculator, we will get the cost of a developer state in the amount of 780000 PLN, the cost of the turnkey option, assuming that for each m2 is 1300 PLN - we will get the amount of 260 000 PLN. The total cost of construction of the house is PLN 1040000. On the other hand, using the mortgage loan calculator, the installment for the selected design will be at the level of 4020 PLN per month.

The advantage of the above calculators is undoubtedly the speed with which we can count both the cost of construction of the house and calculate the value of the mortgage loan. This is a convenient solution for the Investor. Thanks to the calculators, as well as ready-made valuations, we can compare costs related to the investment of house construction without leaving home. These tools are free and easy to use. You do not need to have extensive knowledge to use their practical functions. Thanks to the above calculators, you can safely and optimally make decisions about your dream home and its financing.

            How much does it cost to construct a house?

How much does it cost to construct a house? Every investor planning to construct a house is looking for an answer to this question. Investment expenses depend on many factors. Among others it depends on shape and structure of the body, type of roof, construction solutions used in the design, but also finishing standard. The more extensive block and complicated roof, the more expensive our construction will cost. It is worth to pay attention to those elements already at the stage of design selection.

So let's check how the costs of constructing a house with New-House construction company are presented. Our calculator gives the cost of constructing a house depending on the province. The prices are varied. The presented costs of house construction are estimated to a developer state, which means that the house will have:


You can calculate the design of a house of any size based on construction costs on our calculator https://new-house.com.pl/kalkulator-budowy-domu.

Another way to find out the cost of constructing a house is to download a detailed estimate from our website https://new-house.com.pl/projekty-domow , where you will find up-to-date estimates of several thousand ready-made designs. Here prices are accurate and we especially recommend using this tool.

The cost estimate is completely free, it allows you to calculate the cost of the entire investment, so that you can get an idea of the necessary funds to construct the house. It can also help you plan the financing as well as the mortgage itself.

It is worth emphasizing the fact that the above costs of house construction do not include the purchase of a plot of land, delivery of utilities, purchase and adaptation of a house design, fencing and landscaping around the house. You can try to estimate these and other costs at ttps://new-house.com.pl/jak-zbudowac-dom/kategorie

Constructing a house is not a cheap undertaking, however, a large number of investors decide to take this step. It seems that the benefits far outweigh the costs.

        How do I find out how much it costs to construct a house?

Constructing a house is a very important moment in a person's life, and everyone wants to be as prepared for it as possible... especially financially. But how to estimate how much does it cost to construct a house in a given year since the prices of constructing materials and labor keep changing? What materials should we choose in order to reduce the costs of construction as much as possible? We have prepared a short guide that will help you learn the most important issues affecting the cost of constructing a house.

When constructing single-family houses, Polish investors most often choose to construct a constructing with a usable attic. This is a popular solution, because the cost of construction of a house with an attic is the lowest in terms of price per square meter of area. This is due to the fact that it is enough to construct a knee wall of height about 100-110 centimeters on the ceiling ring of the first floor and you gain twice as much usable space. The second most common type of construction is storied houses. This type of house construction costs the highest of all possible solutions, but you gain large space and functional interior without sloping walls. The construction of a single-storey house without an attic is chosen least often. It is already known that the most cost-effective house construction costs have houses with a usable attic, and the highest price per square meter is associated with the implementation of storied houses. But how do you find out exactly how much does it cost to construct a house?

How much does it cost to construct a house? Check the price!

The New-House company has been operating on the construction market since 1991. We know very well how important for investors is the cost of constructing a single-family house. It is impossible to define one price which will apply to every design - the cost of house construction depends on too many factors. As we already know that the cost of constructing a one-storey house and a two-storey house will be different, among other important factors we can mention: the land for the construction, the shape of the house, the type of roof, the inclusion of a cellar or a garage in the design, etc. How then to check how much does it cost to construct a house? We recommend two proven solutions.

Home construction calculator

This tool has been prepared especially for investors who want to calculate the potential cost of construction of a single-family house. The calculator, on the basis of current prices on the construction market and on the basis of given information about the planned construction, will calculate an approximate cost of construction of a detached house to a developer state.Home Construction Calculator is very easy to use and using it is free and unlimited. It only takes a few minutes to see what your dream home construction will cost. The tool will need you to specify only six pieces of data: usable area, province of planned construction, type of house, roof and ceiling, and size (or lack of) garage. All calculations of the construction costs will be sent to the e-mail address indicated by you.You can use the calculator by clicking on the link: https://new-house.com.pl/kalkulator-budowy-domu

Ready-made designs of single-family houses

Another solution is to get acquainted with ready designs with up-to-date pricing. The database of designs from New-House is very richly equipped and diversified, so you can easily find out the cost of constructing a single-storey house, a storey house and a house with a usable attic. Ready-made house designs are also diversified in terms of the size of the design and price. For example, there are designs that cost up to 500 thousand zlotys to construct and others that cost more than 1.5 million. The search filters will allow you to easily find a design ideally suited to your specific needs and requirements. It is also worth remembering that each of the ready designs can be subject to adaptation.Each of the ready designs is supplemented with the price of the design, as well as the cost of construction of a single-family house to a developer state. In addition, you can find constructing plans and visualization of the construction. If, on the other hand, you are interested in the cost of turnkey house construction, with each design there is a possibility to order a detailed valuation of the realization and to order a credit plan. Ready-made designs of single-family houses can be viewed on New-House website: https://new-house.com.pl/projekty-domow.

How to lower the cost of constructing a single-family home?

Are you interested in the cheapest possible construction of a single-family house? There are several important factors to consider that will help you reduce the cost of construction.

Land for house construction

The cost of constructing a house has a great deal of dependence on the type of land for construction. Some land is more challenging and, for example, can easily cause flooding of the construction, so drainage will be necessary - this is an additional cost. It is best to construct a house on cohesive soil. Moreover, the shape of the plot is also important - the less standard, the more complicated and costly it will be to construct.

Body of the constructing

The cheapest realization of the construction of a single-family house requires the least complicated mass of the constructing as possible. The most optimal cost of constructing a house will be the implementation of a rectangular body with the least possible number of architectural additions. It is also worth deciding on a simple, traditional roof construction.

Usable area

The cost of constructing a single-family home is significantly affected by the final footprint of the house. Of course, the smaller the house the lower the cost of construction. It is also worth remembering that when you decide to construct a house with a usable attic you can get the lowest price per square meter. When constructing it is best to resign from additional facilities - a cellar, garage, terrace or balcony.

Constructing a house with New-House

If you are facing the decision to construct a house, it is worth establishing cooperation with a proven, experienced contractor. New-House has been dealing with complex construction of houses since 1991 and has a very good opinion among investors. We take care of professional construction works from A to Z. We help our customers already at the stage of choosing a suitable plot for construction and also in finding a dream house design. Years of taking care of our customers' satisfaction, adjusting to their needs and special care of well done work resulted in a very good reputation of the company. You can learn about the opinions on working with New-House on our website: https://new-house.com.pl/referencje. Already over two hundred customers have shared their opinions about it.

We would also like to encourage you to take a look at some of the exemplary single-family house constructions that we have had the pleasure to do: https://new-house.com.pl/realizacje. As you can see there - we deal with very diverse designs, because the needs and dreams of investors are also different.

If you are interested in a comprehensive construction of the house - we are happy to cooperate. We encourage you to contact us and ask questions - we are always happy to answer everything. Would you like to check the cost of turnkey house construction? Ask about the details of our offer? Just contact us, phone number and e-mail address are available at the link: https://new-house.com.pl/kontakt. You are welcome!


Home construction cost calculator from New-House

Every investor before starting the implementation asks himself this difficult question: how much will it cost to construct a single-family house? The answer is not at all clear-cut, and what's more, it may sound different every year. So how to prepare financially for the construction of your dream house? The best choice is an online construction calculator.

The process of constructing a home requires a lot of money, dedication of your time, energy and commitment. It is definitely easier to go through the whole process if you are a cost-conscious investor. We - as New-House construction company - have been cooperating with various investors since 1991. We have already built almost one thousand five hundred single-family houses, each design is connected with different needs and expectations, but one thing does not change - every investor wants to know what will be the cost of constructing the house. Knowing the needs of our customers, we have prepared a special tool to check the cost of implementation. It is an original, prepared by our specialists, online house construction calculator.

What is a construction calculator from New-House?

This tool has been prepared to meet the needs of our investors and help them in making subsequent decisions and planning the construction process. It is a simple and intuitive tool which will calculate for you the cost of constructing a house to a developer state. Our construction calculator is free and available for anyone interested - just visit our website to use it: https://new-house.com.pl/kalkulator-budowy-domu It literally only takes a few minutes to calculate the cost of constructing a single-family home!

The online house construction calculator that has been prepared by our specialists gives very accurate calculations, because in addition to the information provided by the investor about the planned construction, it is also based on current data on prices and costs in the construction market.

How does the home construction cost calculator work?

Are you wondering how to use the calculator prepared by us? Contrary to appearances, it is a very easy to use, intuitive tool. We will explain you all the steps step by step.

When you enter the link above you will see our house constructing calculator, with six sub-items to fill in.

  1. The usable area of the house - one of the basic issues affecting the cost of construction of a single-family house is its size. In this subsection you should specify the area of the planned realization. The New-House company has realized both smaller buildings of the area below 100 square meters and large residences exceeding 300 square meters.

  2. Region of construction - in order for the house construction cost calculator to calculate the amount of realisation, it is necessary to give the location of the planned construction. However, it is worth remembering that the New-House company operates all over Poland and you can cooperate with us regardless of the place of construction.

  3. Type of house - another important aspect is how the construction is to be done. You can choose between single-storey houses, storey houses and houses with attic. The cheapest price per square meter of construction is undoubtedly the house with an attic, then single-storey houses and at the end - houses with floors. Of course, we recommend that in addition to the price of construction, you also take into account the functionality and adaptation of the construction to your own needs.

  4. Roof type - the type of roof you choose will have a significant impact on the result given by the house construction cost calculator. Traditional solution - pitched roof - is most often chosen by investors because it guarantees lower costs of realization. Flat roofs are more often chosen when constructing modern houses.

  5. Ceiling type - it is also worth specifying what type of ceiling you want to use. The New-House house construction calculator suggests two solutions: wooden and concrete. If you do not know yet which one is a better choice, there is an option "I don't know". Our construction calculator will calculate the estimated cost of construction for you anyway.

  6. Type of garage - in the next step, you should specify whether you want the construction to include the construction of a garage, and if so, whether it should be a single-car garage or a multi-car garage.

After completing these six sub-items, you will need to enter your contact information to which the calculations made can be sent. The result that the online construction calculator will provide will appear in your email inbox after a while. It is worth remembering that the use of the tool is unlimited, so you can check several possibilities to choose the one that you like the most. If you have any questions, or if something is unclear, feel free to contact us. Our specialists are available every day from 7 am to 9 pm and will gladly answer your questions about the house construction cost calculator. What is more, New-House company can make a detailed quotation for you, where the cost of constructing a turnkey house will be given.

When is a home construction calculator useful?

When it is planned to construct a house calculator turns out to be an indispensable support throughout the implementation. It is useful in many aspects. The advantages of this tool include:

Save time - by choosing an online construction calculator you can save a lot of your time. You won't have to use complicated formulas or search for up-to-date information on constructing material prices. Our house construction cost calculator will calculate it for you within a few minutes.

Planning the finances - a very important step in planning the implementation of home construction is to plan the amount of money to be spent on such work. It is definitely easier and more efficient to do the construction of the house when the calculator will indicate the cost price.

Convenience - thanks to an online, free tool, it is much more pleasant and convenient to check the cost of construction. What's more, you can use it repeatedly and it will not involve any obligations.

Conscious execution - when the construction of a house is done consciously it is easier to control each stage of the construction, and to be sure of the proposed costs.

Constructing a house with New-House

Construction of a single-family house does not have to be associated with stress. If you decide to order such a design, you can be sure of a well done, professional job where everything will be done solidly and on time. New-House company deals not only with the construction itself. We support our customers in the process of choosing a plot for construction as well as a house design - we offer making an individual design or using one of the ready proposals available in our database: https://new-house.com.pl/projekty-domow. What is more, investors who decide to cooperate with us, can be sure that we will also take care of the formal issue of implementation. We also offer our support and advice when you need it.

We encourage you to work with us and take advantage of the opportunities that our home construction calculator offers. If you have any questions, please contact us: https://new-house.com.pl/kontakt.