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House Renovation Project - How to Organize It?

Renovating or expanding a house is a great solution for investors who choose to purchase an existing house. Often, it is an old building that requires various types of changes. A house renovation project is also used when the house no longer meets the needs of the investors and, for example, is too small.

Expanding a house is an excellent solution for individuals who need more living space. The cost of such a house renovation is much lower than constructing a new, larger residential building. This is an idea that many investors choose.

New-House is a construction company that has been offering professional renovation and construction services to investors since 1991. We have completed over 1,500 single-family home projects and have many satisfied investors. Each construction project also comes with a ten-year warranty for the investors. Over two hundred clients have shared their opinions about our services, which you can review at this link:

Among our many accomplishments, we have also undertaken house renovations. We have carried out renovations on both old and new houses, and the exact course of the service always depends on the investor's needs.

House Renovation Step by Step

The project and execution process of a house renovation primarily depend on the desired outcome. However, there are certain frameworks that outline the entire process more precisely. It involves a multi-stage collaboration between the investor and the construction company, which can be divided into the following steps:

  1. Discussion with the Investor, Analysis of Possibilities

Even before the actual collaboration begins, the architect conducts an initial conversation with the client. This allows for a better understanding of the investor's needs and the verification of the feasibility of their implementation. It is not always possible to achieve everything the investor desires. It is the architect's responsibility to determine whether a house renovation is possible.

The execution of a house renovation project can proceed if it is specified in the plot's development conditions or local spatial development plan. Additionally, the building to be renovated should be suitable for any construction work at all. Some old houses are in such poor condition that there are slim chances of obtaining permission for any renovation or construction work. In such cases, the renovation of the old house is not possible, and the only option may be to demolish it and build a new one on the same plot.

Before commencing the house renovation, it is also essential to thoroughly inspect the building's foundations. The condition of existing foundations, installations, load-bearing walls, and potential thermal insulation should be checked. If the renovation of an old house is to be carried out, these aspects need to be closely examined. Foundations often turn out to be inadequately settled and require underpinning.

When conducting an expansion of the house, crucial elements to consider are the structural components of the building: load-bearing walls, roof truss, and floor structure. Their condition should be thoroughly assessed to determine the feasibility of the renovation. Sometimes, they require appropriate reinforcements, and in other cases, partial dismantling and reconstruction are necessary.

  1. Legal Issues

A house renovation project must comply with all the restrictions of the building law. Even tasks related to examining the condition of the house's foundations should be carried out by a certified expert with the appropriate construction qualifications. They should prepare a detailed expertise report that includes information such as the assessment of the building's condition and the conditions for implementation. Another analysis that needs to be performed is a geotechnical assessment of the soil. The results of both expert analyses, along with the application for building expansion, are submitted to the local authorities.

Furthermore, the entire renovation project should also comply with the general building regulations. For example, any additional part of the house cannot be closer than 2 meters to neighboring buildings. The house expansion should also consider the requirements for distance from public roads and fire protection conditions.

The conditions for renovation are obtained from the municipal office, and based on them, specialists conduct analyses of the building's condition. The expertise reports and the house renovation project are then submitted to the county office to obtain a permit for the renovation. The decision should be issued within sixty days.


  1. The process of house renovation

    House renovation can take various forms for a single-family home. Most people choose to expand by adding extra living space, but there are also investors who opt to utilize the basement or reconfigure the room layout. An increasing number of individuals also consider building upward, which is a great solution that allows for the creation of new functional space without expanding the occupied area on the property. This approach can be achieved by reinforcing the existing floor and walls or constructing a new floor. Sometimes it may be necessary to install an entirely new roof.



House Renovation Project with Specialists

Are you planning a house renovation or expansion? Entrusting this task to professionals is worth it as they will not only carry out the work quickly and professionally but also ensure the complete comfort of the investors. New-House offers comprehensive services that go beyond construction work, providing full support to clients, including formal matters. Our range of services is extensive thanks to the presence of many specialists among our employees.

We can provide you with a house renovation project, handle its implementation, and offer additional services to enhance the final result. This includes garden design and planning the entire outdoor space, including the terrace, fencing, driveway gates, landscaping, and other related elements. You can check out examples of our completed projects on our website: These projects are prepared by our architects and executed by us.

Whether you're interested in renovating an old or a new house, we offer our assistance. We are open to all your inquiries and will gladly answer them, providing you with detailed information about our services and cooperation terms. We encourage you to contact us, and you can find our contact details at You can reach us via email or phone, seven days a week, from 7 AM to 9 PM.

Home Renovation Project - What Does the Entire Process Look Like?

After years of living in a house, it sometimes becomes apparent that it no longer meets all the needs of its residents. Single-family homes were constructed in a completely different way in the past, as styles, trends, and the expectations and needs of homeowners have evolved. That's when a home renovation project becomes worthwhile.

A single-family home should be tailored to its inhabitants, fulfilling the basic principles of functionality and comfort. Interestingly, the perspective on functionality has changed significantly over time. The renovation of an old house is often driven by the desire to reorganize the living space and change the purpose of rooms. Houses built before 2000 (particularly those from the 1960s to 1980s) typically had a large number of small rooms. The ground floor, in particular, was divided into several smaller, separate spaces. Today, homes are built in a completely different manner, which is why more and more people are interested in renovating older houses. The focus is on transforming the functional living space into a more open and accessible layout. Single-family home designs often allocate a significant portion of the area for an integrated space, leading to the creation of spacious living rooms that are typically connected to open kitchens or dining areas.

A home renovation project is also often chosen when an investor comes across an attractive offer for an old house at a competitive price. It frequently turns out that renovating a house from the 1970s or 1980s is more cost-effective than building a new one from scratch. However, finding a house in good condition and at a reasonable price requires some luck. Renovating an old house involves more than just rearranging rooms; it also encompasses broader actions. This may include window and door replacement, refreshing the façade, improving thermal insulation with high-quality materials, and even modifying the building's structure.


How does the process of house renovation unfold?

A home renovation project is a multi-stage process that requires adequate planning and time allocation. Construction work always takes time to develop a project that meets the client's expectations and obtain the necessary permits from authorities. How long can a house renovation take? How much does a home renovation project cost? How should it be organized? It's important to know the answers to these questions before taking the first steps.

The home renovation project should begin with a meeting with a chosen architect. It's beneficial for the architect responsible for the project to collaborate with a construction company. This approach saves time and money for the investor while ensuring a smoother and faster execution of all the work. The initial meeting with the architect allows the renovation project to be designed according to the expectations and needs of the residents. The designer analyzes the information provided by the client and assesses the condition of the building. Based on their knowledge and experience, the architect proposes the best solutions to the investors. They determine what structural and technical changes can be made to the building. A good architect also helps optimize the costs of the renovation.

After the meeting with the architect, the home renovation project undergoes an initial cost estimation. How much does a home renovation project cost? Unfortunately, there is no straightforward answer to this question. The cost of a home renovation project depends on the scope of work to be done, as well as the size and condition of the house. It's not possible to provide a specific price for every investor. To determine the cost of a home renovation project, it is necessary to discuss the expectations and needs of the client and thoroughly examine the entire building.

Once the proposed cost plan is accepted, further work can proceed. However, it is essential for the investor to obtain the necessary permits from the relevant authorities. When is it necessary to apply for a construction permit? A home renovation project requires a permit only when it involves changes in the building's volume. It's important to note that the waiting time for a response typically takes around three months, so the application should be submitted well in advance.

The next step is to proceed with the actual implementation. The renovation of an old house can take up to six months, depending on the scope of work required. However, it is generally assumed that preparing the house to the shell state takes about two to three months, and the same period should be allocated for finishing and development works.

An increasing number of people opting for a home renovation project also choose an interior design plan. This is a great decision that allows for achieving a visually cohesive result. The architect's work relieves the investor from the process of searching for suitable furniture, decorations, and even bathroom fixtures. The entire implementation is tailored to the overall image of the building. For example, a renovation project for a house from the 1970s, enriched with a professional interior design, can create an incredible effect by combining classic elements with modernity.

Old House Renovation Project - Where to Find Inspiration?

Renovating an old house, especially a cube-type house, can be challenging when it comes to choosing the style of interior design. Many investors spend a long time familiarizing themselves with various projects to make an informed decision about their desired outcome. It's worth seeking inspiration from different sources.

For example, you can explore examples of single-family home renovations. You can view projects completed by New-House company at the following link: They showcase houses executed in different styles and sizes, providing ample inspiration. Another option to find ideas for your old house renovation project is to explore pre-designed house projects ( Perhaps one of the visualizations will appeal to you enough to incorporate certain elements into your own renovation project. Of course, we always recommend contacting an architect who can assist in finding the ideal solution.

Who to Entrust with the House Renovation Project?

Are you looking for a reliable company to carry out your old house renovation project? We encourage you to collaborate with New-House. We specialize in comprehensive construction services, including renovations and design projects. We have been active in the construction market since 1991, working with trusted and experienced professionals. We prioritize customer satisfaction and tailor our services to their needs, expectations, and financial capabilities. We offer individually customized solutions, and our completed services come with a ten-year warranty. You can read testimonials about us on our website at Over two hundred individuals have already provided references, contributing to our strong and reputable reputation.

If you are interested in partnering with New-House, we invite you to get in touch with us. We would be happy to create your dream house renovation project and handle its execution.


Expansion of a Single-Family House

New-House specializes in comprehensive construction of single-family houses. However, to meet the needs of our clients, we also offer services related to the expansion and renovation of private homes. We have successfully completed numerous projects of this kind. Each project is treated individually, utilizing the knowledge, experience, practical skills of our specialists, and our technological resources.

When is it worth doing a house renovation?

The renovation or expansion of a single-family house is usually planned for two main reasons. The first is when an investor decides to purchase a ready-made house and wants to adapt it to the individual needs and requirements of their family. The second scenario occurs when the existing property no longer meets the needs of the residents, such as insufficient living space. In both cases, renovation is significantly cheaper than building a new house, making it a preferred choice for many homeowners.

How to expand a house?

Expanding a single-family house can involve adding additional usable space, allowing for an increase in functional areas without expanding the footprint of the house on the plot. This can be achieved by reinforcing existing floors and walls or constructing new ones. It's important to note that this type of expansion often requires a new roof. However, this is not the only option for house expansion. Some investors choose to utilize the space in the attic or basement. There are also those who opt to rearrange the functional layout of the rooms within the building.

Expanding a purchased house that needs renovation

Purchasing an old house at a competitive price almost always requires its renovation. Finding an old house in good condition and at a low price is quite rare. However, in most cases, renovating a house from the 1960s, 1970s, or 1980s is much more cost-effective than building a new house from scratch. Renovation of an old house usually involves a broader scope of work than simply rearranging rooms. It often includes replacing windows and doors, updating existing installations, applying high-quality thermal insulation to the building, refreshing the facade, or altering the overall volume of the property. These are just a few examples of the tasks we can undertake when carrying out a house renovation for our clients.

Expanding a house you currently reside in

The needs and expectations of families regarding functionality, comfort, and everyday convenience evolve over time since the house was built or previously renovated. This is a completely normal process, especially considering that the contemporary perspective on functionality differs significantly from that of the 1960s-1980s. Single-family buildings from that era often featured numerous small rooms, resulting in the ground floor being divided into several small, distinct spaces. Today, functional homes are designed in a completely different way, which is why an increasing number of homeowners opt for changes that involve opening up the space, significantly improving the quality of life for all residents. Popular solutions include spacious living rooms connected to dining areas and open kitchens, creating an environment conducive to family integration and comfortable gatherings with friends and acquaintances.

Expanding a house - where to start?

Initiating collaboration between the investor and the renovation-construction company selected to carry out the expansion can be divided into three stages.

Stage 1 - Discussion with the Investor and Analysis of Their Needs and Possibilities

Before starting actual collaboration, the architect meets with the client. Their conversation aims to accurately determine the investor's needs and expectations, as well as verify the feasibility of their realization. This is important because what the client dreams of may not always be possible for a specific property and its characteristics. It is the architect's responsibility to check if the desired house renovation is feasible. The renovation project can be executed if it is defined in the building conditions or the Local Spatial Development Plan. Additionally, the building being renovated must be suitable for the purpose. There are cases where houses are in such poor condition that obtaining permission for renovation work is nearly impossible. In such situations, the only option may be to demolish the house and build a new one in its place.

Stage 2 - Analysis of the Property's Technical Condition

Before making the final decision on renovation, it is essential to thoroughly examine the condition of the existing foundations, installations in the building, load-bearing walls, and thermal insulation, if any. In the case of planned vertical expansion of the house, it is crucial to assess the condition of structural elements such as load-bearing walls, roof structure, and floor. It may be necessary to reinforce these elements or partially dismantle and reconstruct them to accommodate the expansion.

Stage 3 - Legal Matters Check

Planning house renovation cannot proceed without verifying the legal aspects associated with such an undertaking. Expansion or renovation, like building a new house, must comply with the applicable building regulations, such as distance from the property boundary, distance from public roads, and fire protection requirements.

House Renovation Step by Step

House Renovation Design

After the discussion with the investor, preliminary understanding of their needs and possibilities, as well as technical considerations regarding the property's condition, the architect analyzes the gathered data and presents the most favorable and feasible solutions. Based on their professional knowledge and experience, the architect can suggest changes that meet the investor's expectations and fit within their planned budget.

House Renovation Cost Estimation

The cost of house renovation depends on the scope of work to be performed, as well as the size of the property and its current condition. It's important to note that providing an exact renovation cost is not always possible.

Permit to remodel your home

If the planned renovation will result in a change in the building's volume, obtaining a permit for expansion will be necessary. The application submitted to the appropriate authority must include an expert opinion on the condition of the foundations prepared by a certified expert with the relevant construction qualifications, as well as a geotechnical assessment of the soil. The decision regarding the submitted application should be issued within sixty days, but experience shows that it often takes around three months. This is important information indicating that this process should be initiated well in advance of the planned construction activities. Otherwise, the entire project may be delayed due to a lack of expansion permit.

Physical House Renovation

The duration of renovating an old house depends on the scope of work to be done. It can take up to six months in some cases. Generally, preparing the house to a raw state takes about 2-3 months, while developer and finishing works take a similar amount of time. Investors often choose to arrange the newly created interiors, resulting in an incredible blend of classic and modern styles. Additionally, this approach saves the investor time and money that could be otherwise lost without the proper knowledge and experience in terms of suitable solutions and products.

House Renovation - Where to Find Inspiration for Planned Changes?

Renovating an old house can be a significant challenge, especially if the investor is unsure about the appropriate interior design style for their property. In such cases, it is worth familiarizing oneself with various architectural styles to eventually choose one that suits personal preferences and is feasible for the specific house. Examples of single-family house projects executed by New-House can be found at These properties represent diverse architectural styles. Another source of inspiration can be ready-made house designs with cost estimates available in our database on our website. However, the easiest and fastest solution is to contact an architect who can assist in finding a suitable and implementable solution. We recommend professionals collaborating with New-House, whose expertise we trust.

House Reconstruction with New-House

Have you purchased an old house that requires reconstruction? Or perhaps your current family home has aged and needs to be adapted to the current needs and requirements of its residents. In both cases, we encourage you to collaborate with New-House. We offer comprehensive construction services for building, reconstruction, expansion, and renovation of single-family houses. With our experience since 1991, we possess extensive and constantly updated expertise and practical skills to undertake even the most advanced construction projects. Additionally, we have modern technological infrastructure at our disposal.

In our daily work, nothing is left to chance. Each proposed and implemented solution is preceded by a meticulous analysis of our clients' needs and expectations. It is worth mentioning that we support our customers not only in the physical work carried out during the construction or reconstruction of the house but also in administrative and formal matters related to these endeavors. Moreover, we are capable of undertaking tasks associated with space management around the house. If you value collaboration with professionals, feel free to contact us today.

Our specialists are ready to answer any questions related to house reconstruction. They are also available if you would like to learn more about the general terms of cooperation with New-House as a construction company. Contact our hotline, which operates seven days a week from 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM. You are warmly welcome.


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