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One of the effective ways of sewage disposal from a house is an ecological septic tank. It is an alternative to traditional septic tanks and home sewage treatment plants. When is it worth considering? How do they work? What are the benefits and drawbacks of such a solution? We will try to answer these questions in today's article.

An ecological septic tank is a non-drainage tank that is used when there is no connection on the plot that would allow connecting the house to the municipal sewage network. However, these are completely different solutions than home sewage treatment plants. Ecological septic tanks are ready for installation and do not need to be assembled, which distinguishes them from other ways of sewage disposal. Unfortunately, this solution is not suitable for all households.


How Does an Eco-Sepic Tank Work?

An ecological septic tank is installed as a ready-made element. It is usually a plastic prefabricate in the shape of a circle, often with specially corrugated walls designed to increase the durability of the ecological septic tank. Another common choice is concrete ecological septic tanks.

It is airtight and resistant to various external factors, such as soil pressure or different weather conditions. The installed tank stores all the waste, which needs to be removed over time using a vacuum truck. Sewage is not treated in the tank, so this solution is recommended for owners of small households who will not produce a large amount of sewage.


How to Build a Home Ecological Sewage Treatment Plant?

An ecological septic tank requires professional installation to ensure its long-lasting service. How to guarantee a well-executed service? The answer is simple – entrust it to a professional company. As part of its comprehensive offer, New-House also deals with the installation of septic tanks. How to build an ecological septic tank? Let's explain!

A home ecological septic tank is a ready-made prefabricate made of plastic or concrete. The main elements of this structure are the preliminary sewage treatment tank and the infiltrating drains that are spread throughout the plot.

The preliminary settling tank can be made of plastic or concrete. It is a finished product without the need for connections – its tightness prevents harmful substances from permeating the soil, making the septic tank ecological. Inside the settling tank, there is a special filtering basket whose task is to prevent larger elements from entering the tank. The basket must be regularly cleaned. The waste that passes through the filtering basket is then directed to the infiltrating drainage.

The construction of an ecological septic tank is done very quickly – it takes only one day for implementation if the task is entrusted to a professional company. In contrast, traditional home sewage treatment plant construction usually takes up to two weeks for completion.


Advantages of an Ecological Septic Tank

A home ecological septic tank is just one of the ways to dispose of waste from a household. Some rate this choice better, others worse – whether an ecological septic tank will be suitable for a given investor mainly depends on the needs and possibilities of their plot. So, who do we recommend an ecological septic tank to? What are its advantages?

  • High tightness – due to being prefabricated, ecological septic tanks are very airtight. The finished product is made of plastic or concrete, making it resistant to potential external damage. Traditional tanks are assembled from several elements, which increases the risk of leakage – ecological septic tanks eliminate this issue. Due to high tightness, the construction of an ecological septic tank is often carried out on a plot from which groundwater is also extracted. Leakage from a traditional tank could lead to water contamination.
  • Long-lasting durability – home ecological septic tanks are extremely resistant to soil pressure, corrosion, various weather conditions, mechanical damage, and the like. Thanks to this, you can expect the septic tank to serve you for several decades.
  • Doesn't require much space – very often, the construction of an ecological septic tank takes place on smaller plots. This type of septic tank does not require a large area during implementation.
  • Septic tank construction cost – often, the construction of an ecological septic tank turns out to be cheaper than the implementation of other sewage disposal tanks. The cost is lower because it does not require significant alteration of the surroundings or its development.


Drawbacks of an Ecological Septic Tank

  • Unfortunately, despite many advantages, an ecological septic tank is not a suitable solution for everyone. Before making a decision, it is worth analyzing which sewage disposal solution is best for a particular plot.
  • Lack of sewage treatment – an ecological septic tank does not treat the liquids that enter it. The tank only stores them, and they need to be regularly removed. For this reason, an ecological septic tank is mainly recommended for people who have large households and would require very frequent removals.
  • Operating cost – while the construction of an ecological septic tank is cost-effective, there are ongoing costs associated with its use. Regular sewage removal using a vacuum truck generates higher costs.


Building an Ecological Septic Tank with Professionals

An ecological septic tank is a solution that can be very suitable and useful, but it's not always the case. Who can we recommend to build such a waste tank for?

Building an ecological septic tank will be a good solution if you have a small plot and it is not feasible to construct a home sewage treatment plant. An ecological septic tank will also be a cost-effective solution for small households where sewage removal does not need to be as frequent. Building an ecological septic tank will also be a good option if you have a plot with a high groundwater level.

It's important to remember that it's best to entrust the construction of an ecological septic tank to a professional company, such as New-House. This way, you can ensure that the work is carried out flawlessly – the septic tank will be airtight and efficient. Working with a company guarantees that the result will be long-lasting. Constructing an ecological septic tank without a professional involves a high risk of errors and irregularities, and such a tank usually doesn't last long for the owners.

We encourage you to take advantage of New-House's services. We are a professional construction company that has been offering comprehensive services to our clients since 1991. We also offer the construction of ecological septic tanks. Our employees are experienced professionals, always focused on customer satisfaction and delivering professional services!

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