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Land Development Plan (abbreviated as LDP) is an essential element of documentation for a house project, whether it's a ready-made design or a project tailored to the investor's individual request. The requirements for the appearance and content of the land development plan are specified in the Construction Law and in the regulation on the detailed scope and form of a construction project. According to these legal acts, this type of plan consists of descriptive and illustrative parts.

The land development plan allows for the functional arrangement of a plot while complying with the current construction laws in our country. For example, it's important to note that according to the regulation of the Minister of Infrastructure, a land development plan for a building plot should include 25% of biologically active area. However, it might happen that this percentage is increased or decreased due to provisions in the Local Spatial Development Plan. If this occurs, the plan must adhere to its requirements.

Land Development Plan must be prepared by a licensed architect, as it's one of the many necessary documents for obtaining a building permit. To create an LDP, an architect will need a geodetic map, guidelines from the Local Spatial Development Plan, or building conditions if there's no LSDF for the given area (which is not uncommon).

Investors opting for comprehensive cooperation with New-House don't need to worry about preparing the LDP, as we will commission and oversee its creation by an experienced and reliable designer. This is one of the numerous benefits that come with entrusting the construction of your house to our company.

Land Development Plan – What Should It Include?

For those expecting a straightforward answer to the above question, we must disappoint. There are no rigid guidelines in this regard, as individual land development plans vary depending on the state of the plot and the type of project to be realized.

However, there are several elements defined by construction law that such a project should encompass:

  • boundaries of the building plot,

  • location, outline, and arrangement of structures present on the plot at the time of creating the land development plan,

  • location, outline, and arrangement of structures planned for construction,

  • utility infrastructure network of the area,

  • determining the method of sewage disposal or purification,

  • arrangement of biologically active areas,

  • communication layout,

  • indicating distances between existing and planned structures on adjacent plots.

Every plot of land is unique, and as a result, the elements that will ultimately be included in the Land Development Plan will also differ. Much also depends on the individual needs of the investor and the ideas presented by the architect. That's why we mentioned that a clear answer to what should be included in the LDP cannot be specified, as situations vary.

What Is the Cost of Preparing a Land Development Plan?

The cost you will pay for the creation of the Land Development Plan depends directly on the type of collaboration you choose with the architect. If you opt for purchasing a ready-made house design with cost estimation from our design database, the cost of the LDP will be included in the price. However, if you decide to commission an individual house design, you will pay around 1500 PLN for the LDP.

What Will the Land Development Plan Created with New-House Support Include?

  • compliant with current construction law regulations,

  • in accordance with the Local Spatial Development Plan or current building conditions,

  • feasible for implementation on a specific site,

  • aligned with the individual conditions on the building plot,

  • tailored to the planned construction,

  • adjusted to the individual needs of the investor, their lifestyle, and recreation preferences,

  • utilizing the available space in a functional and aesthetic manner.

Delegate Land Development Plan Preparation to New-House

Are you planning to build a house and therefore need to delegate the preparation of the LDP? In such a situation, you should seriously consider collaborating with our company. Why? We're ready with the answer. Because we will support you at every stage of the house construction. In practice, this means that we will take care of not only building the foundations, walls, and roof of your new home but also handle all the formalities and administrative matters.

We have been engaged in comprehensive construction of single-family homes since 1991, and during this time, we have completed over 1500 property projects. This not only reflects our extensive experience but also our broad professional knowledge and practical skills. We are also supported by a modern technological infrastructure. With our assistance, a turnkey house construction takes just 9 months, and we provide a ten-year quality guarantee for all our services.

To learn more details about the offered collaboration, visit the section or contact our hotline available 7 days a week from 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM. Our consultants will gladly answer all your questions. We're waiting for your call!

Land Development Plan, also referred to as LDP, is an essential aspect of documentation in the home construction process. New-House, as a company engaged in comprehensive construction management, can also assist you in this matter.

A well-prepared land development plan for the plot not only ensures compliance with legal requirements but also prepares a functional and attractive area around the house for you. By collaborating with us, you can be certain that we will handle all the formalities and commission the land development plan from a reliable, experienced designer.

What should a land development plan include? Primarily, it's worth emphasizing that the project must be based on an up-to-date geodetic map and consider guidelines from the local spatial development plan or building conditions decision. Additionally, the contents of the land development plan include, among other things, plot boundaries, the placement of existing and planned structures on the plot, utility infrastructure network of the plot, arrangement of biologically active areas, communication layout, indicating distances to neighboring structures, and specifying sewage disposal methods. Executing the land development plan for the plot requires keeping in mind many important aspects and ensuring correct implementation. For many investors, this can be a stressful and challenging matter, but it doesn't have to be that way. New-House, as a company handling house construction, takes care of everything from A to Z.

How will the land development plan be realized with New-House support?

  • In accordance with the provisions of construction law,

  • According to the local spatial development plan or building conditions,

  • According to the individual conditions of the plot,

  • In a way tailored to the planned construction,

  • In a way tailored to your individual needs,

  • In a functional and aesthetic manner.

Our clients can rely on the substantive support and advice of our specialists. We offer assistance at every stage of the project – we help find the right plot and dream home design, as well as take care of formal matters, such as obtaining a building permit or managing the land development plan.

With New-House, you don't have to worry about the implementation – we'll take care of every aspect. A turnkey house construction takes us only nine months, after which you'll have a solid, impressive single-family home covered by a ten-year quality guarantee. If you're interested in such a comprehensive offer, we encourage you to explore the details of our offer at the following link: New-House has been operating since 1991, and we've already built over 1500 single-family homes. Our employees are our long-standing, trusted partners with extensive knowledge and experience. Some of them have been working with us for ten or even twenty years. This proven foundation allows us to offer professional, reliable services to our clients. We're also very eager to assist you in realizing your dream single-family home.


Site Development Plan – What Should an Investor Know?

The process of building a house is a multi-stage collaboration that requires not only the actual construction work but also a significant amount of preparation and completion of various formalities. One element of this part of the home-building process is the site development plan. This is an important aspect of the entire construction project, for example, it is required during the application for a building permit.

Knowledge about the course of the home-building process from A to Z is very important for various reasons. Above all, an investor who is aware of the next stage of work and what that stage aims to achieve will be better able to control the progress of the project and ensure inner peace. In our successive articles, we aim to expand the knowledge of potential investors, making the realization of their dream home construction easier and more enjoyable. Today, we decided to write about what a site development plan is and what it includes.

Site Development Plan – What Is It?

The site development plan for construction is one of many components of documentation involved in the home-building project. It is required regardless of whether you choose an individual home design, a ready-made plan, or an adaptation. The site development plan has been defined more precisely in the construction law and in the regulation specifying the detailed scope and form of the construction project. According to the principles laid out in these legal acts, the site development plan for the plot must consist of both descriptive and graphic parts.

The site development plan, also referred to as the SDP, allows for effective land utilization. This means not only functional and stylish design of the area but above all, preparation of a project that complies with construction law. An essential fact, for example, is that according to the regulation of the Minister of Infrastructure, the site development plan must include 25% of biologically active area. However, it is important to note that a different percentage may be specified by the local spatial development plan, and in that case, one must adhere to its requirements.

This documentation is essential for obtaining a building permit from the authorities and should be prepared by a qualified architect. In order to create a good, appropriately tailored site development plan, the designer will need a geodetic map, as well as guidelines from the local spatial development plan or a decision on building conditions.


What Does a Site Development Plan Include?

The question of what a site development plan should include is very important, but the answer is not straightforward. In reality, the site development plan may vary depending on the specific project being undertaken.

However, let's analyze what the construction law says on this matter. According to the law, a site development plan for a plot should be prepared on a current map and include elements such as:

  • Plot boundaries,

  • Location, outline, and layout of existing and planned structures on the plot,

  • Infrastructure network layout,

  • Method of sewage drainage/treatment,

  • Layout of biologically active area,

  • Transportation layout,

  • Indication of distances between (existing and planned) structures on neighboring plots.

You may wonder why we said that the contents of a site development plan are not so clear, even though the construction law directly defines all aspects. However, consider, for instance, the subpoint describing structures present on the plot and those planned for construction. The rules are specifically described, but each plot is different – some plots are entirely undeveloped, while others are quite the opposite. Sometimes the spatial development plan may only account for residential buildings, and at times, other buildings may also be included.

What a site development plan includes also depends on the investor's needs and the architect's ideas. For example, more and more often, instead of a sewer system, investors opt for ecological septic tanks, if the local municipality approves. In the design process, it's also worth considering the fact that a house, according to the law, should be built at a distance no less than 4 meters from a building on the adjacent plot. However, architects are aware that if a particular wall has no windows or if "light wells" are placed there instead – then the distance can be reduced to 3 meters. When designing a site development plan for construction, it's worth trusting your architect. They are individuals with significant experience and specialized knowledge who readily offer practical solutions.

Site Development Plan Price

Now that we understand what a site development plan is and what it should include, let's move on to the financial aspect. When it comes to the cost of implementing a site development plan, the price depends on the type of collaboration you choose with the architect.

The average cost of a spatial development plan is usually around 1500 Polish zlotys, but this price applies to individual collaboration with an architect. However, if you decide to purchase a pre-designed house project, the cost of the plan is typically included in the price. If you're interested in such solutions, we warmly invite you to explore our offer of ready-made house projects, available on our website. Each project comes with a price that also takes into account the cost of the site development plan. However, if you wish to commission a custom house project from our architects, feel free to contact us directly. As for the site development plan cost, it will also be calculated individually, based on your expectations, needs, and plot requirements.

New-House is a company that has been engaged in comprehensive house construction since 1991. We support investors from the very beginning, assisting in selecting the plot and project. We want our clients to be confident that partnering with us ensures full professionalism, which is why we always provide a ten-year warranty on the construction we undertake. If you're interested in details of our collaboration or have any questions related to the site development plan – please don't hesitate to contact us.

Our consultants are available to assist you every day of the week, from 7 AM to 9 PM. You can reach us via email, phone, or through the chat feature on the New-House website. You can find our precise contact information at

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