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The completion of the raw state of the house is done through the professional installation of windows, doors, and garage gates. However, in order for the work at this stage to proceed smoothly and without disruptions, all elements must be ordered in advance. This is particularly important when we want to finish the house before winter, regardless of whether we suspend further work until spring or plan to continue finishing work during the cold months. Investors who entrust the comprehensive construction of the house to New-House do not have to worry about ordering windows, doors, and garage gates or finding specialists to handle their professional installation. Why don't they have to worry about it? Because they have a team of qualified specialists from our company who will take care of building the house from A to Z. We have been involved in construction projects continuously since 1991. During this time, we have gained necessary experience and extensive professional knowledge, which, combined with observing trends in our industry and having modern technological facilities, allows us to take on even the most demanding challenges in the field of contemporary single-family housing construction. So, if you are planning to build a house and seriously consider working with a single contractor who will take care of both the construction work and all administrative and formal issues on your behalf, you should get to know our proposal.


What windows should you choose for your house?

A few years ago, wooden windows were the natural choice when it comes to window joinery. Currently, over 80% of investors opt for PVC windows, also known as plastic windows. These windows are made of durable polyvinyl chloride, which ensures high resistance to changing weather conditions, biological factors, and chemical substances, making them incredibly durable. Their undeniable advantage is also the wide range of colors available, which allows for easy matching to most facades, and if you want to change it, the window frames can be painted. Plastic windows are also easy to clean and do not lose their original aesthetics over the years. Investors are also convinced by the excellent acoustic insulation and high thermal insulation coefficient of this type of window joinery. PVC windows work well in modern construction characterized by large glazed areas because if we base them on a strong frame, we can achieve heights of up to 3 meters.


PCV windows - what parameters are important?

Uw coefficient - heat transfer coefficient

  • The heat transfer coefficient is considered the most important parameter of modern PVC windows. It indicates how much heat passes through one square meter of the window in one second. The higher the Uw coefficient, the more airtight the windows are. Currently, the applicable law requires the installation of windows with a heat transfer coefficient of a minimum of 0.9 W/(m²K).
  • Ug coefficient - transmittance of the glazing unit
  • The transmittance coefficient of the glazing unit indicates the extent to which the heat of the glass penetrates into the rooms inside the building. To avoid excessive overheating of the interior, we recommend PVC windows with a low Ug coefficient. In this case, the lower the value, the better.
  • Uf coefficient - heat transfer coefficient of the frame: answers the question of how much heat will enter the building through the window frames. Again, you should look for products with the lowest possible Uf coefficient.
  • Class of window profiles: high-quality window profiles directly affect the thermal insulation and acoustic insulation of the entire window. It is best to choose plastic windows with window profiles of class A.
  • Number of panes: currently, plastic triple-glazed windows are the most popular choice. Investors appreciate their low heat transfer coefficient, high durability in variable weather conditions and mechanical factors, as well as excellent acoustics.


What are the best external doors for a single-family house?

The entrance doors to a single-family house should be durable to provide residents with the necessary level of protection against changing weather conditions and security against unwanted intruders. Additionally, they should be aesthetically pleasing and match the other elements of the house, such as the facade or window joinery. When choosing external doors, it is worth paying attention not only to the material they are made of but also to the heat transfer coefficient U and the certificates determining the extent to which the product is burglar-resistant. Let's take a closer look at all the variables to consider when choosing entrance doors for a single-family house.


Characteristics of entrance doors made of different materials:

  • Steel external doors: heavy, highly resistant to damage, difficult to insulate, inexpensive, very popular in Poland.
  • Plastic external doors: made of PVC, lightweight, easy to install, good thermal insulation, good acoustic insulation, inexpensive.
  • Wooden external doors: elegant, warm, not recommended for humid areas, expensive.
  • Aluminum external doors: resistant to break-ins, low heat transfer coefficient, the most expensive type of external doors.


Heat transfer coefficient of external doors

It is estimated that up to 20% of heat can escape from a house through entrance doors. In this situation, it is reasonable to use solutions that minimize these losses. Warm external doors are those that have good thermal insulation. Polish law states that the heat transfer coefficient (U) of external doors in newly built single-family properties cannot exceed 1.3 W/(m²K). Again, the lower the U coefficient, the better for our home and household budget.


Burglar resistance certifications for entrance doors:

  • RC 1 N: basic protection, doors resistant to physical force, no requirements regarding glazed elements of the doors.
  • RC 2 N: doors resistant to physical force and simple, typical burglary tools, no requirements regarding glazed elements.
  • RC 1: basic protection, doors resistant to physical force, utilizing class 4 glazing.
  • RC 2: doors resistant to physical force and simple tools (pliers, screwdrivers), utilizing class 4 glazing.
  • RC 3: doors with extended resistance to tools such as crowbars, utilizing class 5 glazing.
  • RC 4: doors resistant to the use of heavier tools, such as axes or hammers, utilizing class 6 glazing.
  • RC 5: doors resistant to intrusion using low and medium-power power tools, such as drills, utilizing class 7 glazing.
  • RC 6: the highest level of resistance to burglary, external doors resistant even to the use of high-power tools, utilizing class 8 glazing.


Which garage gate is suitable for a single-family house?

A garage gate is an element of a building's equipment that, in our geographical region, is exposed to the influence of variable and often extreme weather conditions. The garage gate must therefore adequately protect the interior while being functional since it will be used several times a day. The gate should also match the other external elements of the building and not deviate from their level of aesthetics. Faced with so many variables, investors are faced with a fundamental choice - a tilt gate or a sectional gate? As is often the case in life, both solutions have advantages and limitations, and it depends on the individual preferences of the investor which one they will choose.


Sectional garage gate

A sectional garage gate is a costly solution for those who value a high degree of resistance and lasting protection for years. Products in this category have good acoustic and thermal insulation, and they can be used in multi-space garages. Such gates can also be supplemented with automation solutions, thereby increasing the level of comfort and safety, which is particularly appreciated in autumn and winter months when you don't have to go out in the snow, rain, and frost to open and close the garage every time. Sectional gates are optimal solutions for garages integrated into the building structure, which are abundant in modern single-family property designs.


Tilt garage gate

A tilt garage gate (also known as an up-and-over gate) is a much cheaper solution than a sectional gate, which also provides lower thermal insulation. When choosing a tilt gate, it should be remembered that it requires an appropriate amount of space in front of the garage and can only be installed in a single-space garage because its width cannot exceed three meters.

Equipping a single-family house with high-quality windows, external doors, and a garage gate guarantees excellent protection of the property against the harmful effects of variable weather conditions and, consequently, savings in heating expenses. This is particularly important in the face of skyrocketing energy prices and the resources used for heating single-family properties. Choosing proven products from reputable manufacturers also ensures an appropriate level of security against intrusion by unwanted individuals. Therefore, it is definitely not worth cutting corners when it comes to window joinery, entrance doors, and garage gates.

By cooperating with New-House, you can rely on professional support not only during the installation of the aforementioned elements of the house but also during the selection of suitable products that will provide you with the optimal and desired level of protection. Our specialists will also adjust the equipment to your budget. All this is done so that you can consciously choose the right quality.

It is also worth mentioning that with the help of our professionals, you can count on support at other stages of your private construction investment. Our range of services is wide and includes administrative and logistical issues, as well as strictly construction work and matters related to the selection and purchase of suitable land and house designs. With the New-House team at your disposal, you don't have to be knowledgeable about construction and spend countless hours searching for suitable specialists and building materials. In simple terms, you have people who will take care of everything necessary and important for your dream house construction to proceed smoothly, according to plan, and without disruptions. If the prospect of such construction is tempting for you, we encourage you to contact us! Our advisors are available 7 days a week from 7:00 to 21:00. Welcome!



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