Developer works


Development Works

In the Polish single-family housing market, there is no clear definition that specifies the scope of works included in the development stage. In practice, this represents the basic standard of finishing a house. However, what such finishing will include depends solely on the provisions of the contract between the investor and the contractor. A house in the development stage is not suitable for habitation, but it is ready for turnkey work.

Investors who have entrusted the construction of a single-family house to New-House can count on comprehensive support at every stage. In practice, this also means carrying out all the work involved in bringing the house to the chosen state – raw enclosed, development stage (6 months), or turnkey (9 months). In our collaboration, we not only handle physical construction work but also take care of all administrative matters related to house construction from A to Z. This is an excellent solution for busy investors who value their time above all else. With our assistance, construction progresses alongside the client's daily life, with their time involvement minimized.

What is Included in the Development Stage?

  • installation of electrical wiring,

  • installation of a distribution box,

  • installation of TV points,

  • installation of telephone points,

  • installation of alarm points,

  • application of selected external plaster,

  • installation of water and sewage systems,

  • installation of central heating,

  • installation of a central vacuum system – optional,

  • application of selected floor screed,

  • insulation of the roof slope and unused ceiling,

  • installation of gypsum plasterboard on the attic,

  • finishing walls using gypsum plasterboard,

  • finishing the façade using the client's preferred technology and materials.

It should be noted that the above list includes the most commonly performed developer's tasks. However, the scope may vary depending on the investor's individual expectations and the budget allocated for them. A detailed list of works included in the developer's stage should be included in the agreement between the investor and the chosen contractor. The absence of such a list could make it difficult for the client to enforce the completion of specific tasks. It is better to save oneself from additional (and unnecessary) stress associated with such a situation and take care in advance of the accuracy of the provisions contained in the agreement.

Warranty and Liability for Work Done in the Developer's Stage

Investors have two legal instruments at their disposal, namely warranty and liability. The choice between them depends solely on the investor. Let's take a closer look at both.

  • Warranty

Warranty is a voluntary agreement between the parties, under which the buyer can assert their rights regarding the repair or replacement of damaged elements. The duration and scope of the warranty agreement depend to a greater extent on the contractor and to a lesser extent on the investor. It is worth noting that New-House offers a 10-year warranty on all work performed during the construction of the house. We are confident in the quality we offer to our clients.

  • Liability (Rękojmia)

Liability (Rękojmia) is a statutory form of the seller's responsibility for defects in the product, and in this case, for physical defects of the property. Liability is independent of the will of the parties and the content of the signed warranty agreement or contract. According to applicable law, the contractor is liable under liability if the investor discovers a physical defect within 5 years from the delivery of the house to the client. The contractor cannot deprive the investor of the right to liability.

Technical Acceptance of the House in the Developer's State

Before accepting the works comprising the house in the developer's state, it is advisable to refer to the agreement concluded with the contractor and prepare a list of agreements made within it. This is important because the acceptance is the moment when we can communicate any concerns about the completed work to the contractor and indicate elements that require improvement. The contractor has two weeks to accept or reject the investor's requests. If they agree, they have an additional 30 days to rectify all recognized defects.

For the acceptance, it is advisable to bring the house documentation and a trusted engineer or other person knowledgeable in construction. Such company significantly increases the likelihood of detecting any potential errors or shortcomings. The house should be accepted in natural light, and the contractor does not have the right to complete it independently. Additionally, at the time of acceptance (after the rectification of any defects), the contractor is obliged to hand over all the keys to the house to the investor, including the keys to meter boxes, circuit breaker boxes, letter boxes, and the garage gate.

What to Check During the Acceptance of a House in the Developer's State?

  • house area,

  • vertical and horizontal walls,

  • absence of discolorations or stains on the walls,

  • quality of interior plaster finish,

  • level and evenness of the floors in the house,

  • slopes of floors on balconies and terraces,

  • absence of cracks on windows and doors,

  • proper opening and closing of windows and doors,

  • windows and doors not closing automatically when open,

  • tightness of windows and doors,

  • if the contract includes the installation of anti-burglary doors, the investor should receive their certificate and warranty card,

  • power supply in sockets,

  • connections in ceilings and walls,

  • the investor can also request access to the electrical insulation measurement report,

  • heat in radiators,

  • easy opening and closing of radiator valves,

  • thermal insulation using a thermal imaging camera,

  • alignment of all verticals with the house plan,

  • functioning of ventilation.

The handover-acceptance protocol prepared during the acceptance of the house in the developer's state should have the actual date of acceptance and include a list of all defects identified by the investor along with the deadline for their rectification by the contractor. Additionally, all provisions in the protocol must comply with the applicable law in our country, specifically the Civil Code (Journal of Laws of 2016, No. 380 consolidated text - Act of April 23, 1964). For example, a provision that the client waives claims for future defects is not permissible. It is also worth knowing that the investor has the right not to sign the handover-acceptance protocol if defects identified during the on-site inspection completely prevent the use of the house for its intended purpose.

Cost of Building a House to the Developer's State

The cost of finishing the house to the developer's state depends on various factors such as the building area, the quality of materials used for the contracted works, the region where we are constructing our house, and consequently, the local labor cost. There is a group of investors who, precisely because of this last factor, decide to commission only the works aimed at bringing the building to the closed shell state. They believe that independently choosing finishing materials and hiring professionals will allow them to generate significant savings. However, it may turn out that these are apparent savings.


Firstly, the independent selection, purchase, and transportation of materials consume time. Additionally, there's a lack of investor experience in this area, which could lead to the purchase of materials that cannot be used during the works. Time is also consumed in the search for reliable and experienced specialists to carry out developer's work. Another issue is that even if, by some miracle, we manage to find them through personal connections, it is highly likely that we will have to wait for their availability, as the schedules of these professionals are usually booked well in advance. It is better to spare oneself all the stress associated with finishing the turnkey house and entrust the complete set of works to a single contractor who will build the entire house for us from A to Z.

Comprehensive construction with New-House is not just comprehensive in name. Real actions stand behind it, allowing investors to breathe easy. Our experienced team of specialists representing various fields related to single-family housing has the necessary knowledge and expertise. When combined with modern technological capabilities, this enables us to undertake the most demanding projects throughout the country. It's enough to say that during our over thirty years of operation, we have successfully built over 1500 single-family houses. Among them were both cozy houses with gardens and spacious suburban villas, whose usable area exceeded 300, 500, or even 800 square meters.

On behalf of our clients, we take care of both formal matters and strictly construction works. If you wish, we will be with you from the moment you decide to build a house. We will help you find a plot and thoroughly inspect it. We will point out which ready-made projects meet your individual requirements and can be built on your plot. We will also handle the formalities related to connecting utilities and obtaining a building permit. We will also take care of purchasing and delivering construction materials, as well as all the works required to bring the house to the state you've chosen. If you wish, we will create interior arrangements and landscape the area around the property. Finally, we will compile the documentation necessary for the technical acceptance of the building and supervise its progress on-site.

If the prospect of such a construction process appeals to you, we invite you to collaborate with New-House! We will be glad to present you with available solutions and possibilities. To do so, please contact our advisors, who are at your disposal from Monday to Sunday between 7:00 AM and 9:00 PM. As you can see, we not only operate unconventionally, but our helpline also operates during non-standard hours. This allows you to call us when you have time, perhaps after work or on the weekend when you have fewer responsibilities. We welcome you!


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