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It might seem that with the completion of a turnkey home, the construction process is behind us and we can move in. However, that's not the case. There's one more crucial element left, namely the building inspection, which is required by Polish construction law. This step involves formalities that are the responsibility of both the investor and the construction company.

The building inspection is a complex process. It requires compiling and submitting detailed documentation and contacting various institutions and specialists. Investors who haven't dealt with property inspections before are often overwhelmed by the amount of paperwork required during this final stage of construction. Clients who entrust the comprehensive construction of their home to New-House don't need to handle the building inspection themselves. Our specialists assist with this process, making it not only efficient but also stress-free for the investor.


Essential Documents for Conducting a Building Inspection

The necessary documents for conducting a technical property inspection are defined by construction law and government regulations. Below, we present the most important ones that are required for a building inspection. However, keep in mind that this list doesn't cover all potential documents that might be necessary for the process. The quantity and scope of documents depend on individual decisions outlined in the official building permit.

  • Construction Diary - This is an extremely important document during the technical building inspection. A regulation from the Minister of Infrastructure in 2002 mandates that the investor and construction supervisor must maintain a diary that records all construction work and events that took place during the building process. It includes information about installations, demolitions, safety measures, and health protection.
  • Statement of the Construction Supervisor - This document is a statement by the construction supervisor affirming that all construction work has been carried out in accordance with construction standards, applicable laws, the submitted project, and the conditions of the building permit.
  • Specific Protocols for the Installation of Utility Connections - A fully functional property should have electricity, gas, water, and sewage connections. Specific protocols are created for each connection and must be submitted when applying for a technical property inspection.
  • Chimney Pipe Inspection Protocol - This document confirms the inspection of ventilation and smokestack chimneys by a chimney sweep.
  • Inventory Map - An inventory map is essential for obtaining a residential building inspection. It is prepared by a land surveyor and presents all developments on a specific building plot. It includes the outline of the building, information about all connections, elements of small architecture, fencing, driveways, and paved areas.
  • Building Permit - Copy
  • Drawings included in the previously submitted construction project - Copy. Importantly, the drawings should indicate any changes or include additional explanations of modifications.


When Can You Complete the Building Inspection Formalities?

You don't have to wait until all work related to the turnkey house is completed to carry out the formal building inspection. The inspection can take place during the developer's work phase. However, to do so, certain conditions must be met, such as the completion of appropriate work and the landscaping of the property, including driveways, paths, sidewalks, and fencing. However, garden landscaping or having a garden project is not required for the building inspection.


How Long Does the Building Inspection Process Take?

Let's be realistic - the formal building inspection typically takes several weeks, so you should be aware of this timeframe when considering terminating your current lease or planning your move. The necessary documentation must be submitted to the local Building Supervision Inspectorate, where it will be thoroughly analyzed. Additionally, there's a possibility of a personal inspection of the building by a representative from the authority. If all aspects of the building inspection proceed smoothly, the building is approved for use and assigned an appropriate identification number. Only then can you move in.


What Is the Cost of a Building Inspection?

The building inspection itself is free of charge. Obtaining a permit doesn't generate any official fees that the investor would be obligated to pay. However, the process of obtaining the necessary documentation, conducting expert assessments, and other formalities is associated with costs. It's difficult to provide a specific amount, as it varies based on the specifics of the construction project being undertaken.


Formal Building Inspection with New-House

New-House specializes in comprehensive single-family construction. We have been operating in this industry since 1991 and have successfully completed over one and a half thousand projects throughout the country. This extensive experience allows us to call ourselves specialists in our field. Our team consists of professionals with years of experience, extensive and continuously updated technical knowledge, and practical skills. This enables us to undertake even the most advanced house projects for the most demanding clients.

Clients who choose to collaborate with our company receive full support at every stage of the comprehensive house construction process. This means we also handle everything related to the formal building inspection. However, our assistance covers much more. We are available to clients from the moment they start searching for a building plot, which we evaluate from both technical and administrative perspectives. We then assist in finding the perfect house project from our existing portfolio or creating a custom design based on the investor's preferences. We support clients during the formalities related to utility connections and their physical installation on the property. We help gather the necessary documentation for obtaining a building permit. After completing the construction works to the raw state, developer's state, and turnkey state, we can also handle interior design and landscaping around the property.

Building with New-House not only saves time but also offers financial benefits, as the support of specialists helps avoid costly decisions resulting from the investor's lack of construction knowledge. Needless to say, this also reduces stress for the client.

If our offer interests you, that's fantastic! We encourage you to contact our helpline, which operates not only on weekdays but also on weekends from 7 AM to 9 PM. We are more than happy to answer all questions, not only about residential building inspections but also about the entire construction process and collaboration with New-House. Welcome!


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