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House with a view 4

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285 m2

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Nazwa projektu: House with a view 4
Nazwa Pracowni: MG Projekt
Rodzaj domu: piętrowy
Garaż: podwójny

Opis domu House with a view 4

The House with a View 4 project is a ready-made project of a two-story house, thanks to which it is possible to use a larger area. It consists of a one-story main body and added one-story smaller parts. The whole is formed by the letter "T". Designed for free-standing buildings, with a garage for two cars in line with the building. A characteristic element is the facade divided into stripes finished with various materials, such as plaster, stone or wood. The spacious space envisaged in the design creates a living area, including: a closed kitchen with a kitchen island, a pantry, a living room and a dining room. A fireplace in the living room will keep you warm on cooler days. There is also one comfortable bathroom on the ground floor and two additional bathrooms on the first floor. The bedroom area provides four rooms. A utility room will be an extremely useful place in the house. The design includes a mezzanine, which gives the interior more spaciousness. The garden and terrace will be a great place to relax. Glazing is one of the main advantages of the house. Modern architecture will make it a house designed for you.


House with a view 4

We usually start building a house with the purchase of a plot of land. It is a difficult and serious decision because we have to take into account many important factors: location, formalities and budget. When the first step is behind us, it's time for the next stage, i.e. choosing the right project. One of the projects worth paying attention to is the finished house plan House with a view 4.

The House with a View 4 is one of the versions of the popular House with a View project. The project is designed for a family of 4-6 people. It is characterized by a very comfortable interior, giving space to each of the household members. Visually, it looks exceptionally attractive - the architecture of the building consists of one-story main body and added one-story smaller parts. On the land development plan, the building forms the letter "T".

Thanks to the large glazing, the house becomes light and well-lit. The eaves of gentle roofs and the varied façade with cladding consisting of wood, plaster and stone add to its modern style. The whole thing is subdued and elegant at the same time. Thanks to the effective corner glazing that connect two floors and the remaining glazing in the dining room, kitchen and bedroom, the house is open to the surrounding nature.

The interior of the house is full of luxury and extraordinary comfort. On the ground floor there is a hall with decorative stairs, connected with a large living room, dining room and kitchen. There was also an additional room for a study or a guest bedroom. There are also practical utility rooms on the ground floor. A boiler room with a laundry room is located next to the bathroom, there is a handy pantry next to the kitchen, while in the garage we have an additional space for a utility room. The first floor is a typical bedroom part, consisting of two adjustable bedrooms, as well as an apartment with a bath room and a dressing room. The mezzanine complements the original interior.

House with a View 4 is a comfortable house with dignified architecture and a luxurious interior. Every detail is precisely finished. The house comes in several variants (House with a view 2 - version reduced to 221 m2 and House with a view 3 - version reduced to 186 m2), so everyone will find something for themselves! Their prototype is the House with a View project with a usable area of 269 m2.

All variants are characterized by the same architecture, but they differ in the usable area and a slight layout of the rooms. Each of the projects can be adapted to your needs and changes can be made when adapting the project.

House with a view 4 - parameters:

• area usable area: 285.31 m²

• area buildings (without arcades): 265.86 m²

• min. plot width: 30.3 m

• min. plot length: 25.71 m

• storeys: two-storey

• garage: double garage

• type of roof: multi-pitched

• house height: 9.14 m

• house width: 21.42 m

• house length: 17.71 m

• cubature: 1656 m³

• roof slope: 25 °

House with a view 4 - list of room areas:

Ground floor

• hall 7.57 m²

• 24.68 m² hall

• living room 53.23 m²

• dining room 19.98 m²

• kitchen 19.61 m²

• 2.74 m² pantry

• room / study 14.35 m²

• bathroom 7.59 m²

• boiler room / laundry room 9.60 m²

• garage 42.00 m²

• utility room 15.40 m²


• hall 17.15 m²

• mezzanine 17.47 m²

• bedroom 17.66 m²

• bathroom 16.54 m²

• 7.58 m² wardrobe

• bathroom 11.37 m²

• bedroom 16.54 m²

• bedroom 15.85 m²

• attic above the garage 16.16 m²

The house has been designed in traditional energy-saving technology.

Foundations: concrete benches and foundation walls made of concrete blocks.

External walls: brick walls - porotherm 25 blocks + polystyrene + thin-layer plaster.

Ceiling: monolithic reinforced concrete (ground floor and first floor).

Elevations: thin-layer plaster on polystyrene.

Roof covering: ceramic tile.

House with a View 4 is a house designed for people who like elegance, unique style and comfortable interiors, and at the same time solid workmanship and energy efficiency. Our construction company New-House will provide you with comfort during the implementation of the investment of your dreams. We make every effort to ensure that each investor feels that they are entrusting construction to good hands. We encourage you to read the construction costs on the website -> .


Details of the Dom z Widokiem 4 project

Are you looking for a well-designed two-story house with an interesting design? Without a doubt, we can recommend you the House with a View 4. It is an interesting project of a house with two floors, which stands out from other buildings with large, effective glazing. If you want the house you decide to build to be both aesthetic and original - it's worth choosing this project.

New-House has been working with various clients for almost thirty years. We know that choosing a project for construction is very difficult and requires long analyzes and talks. It is a decision that will largely determine the future long-term feeling of comfort, convenience and fulfillment. It is worth making sure that this decision is right. As a professional built company, we have decided to meet our clients' needs - we offer you our database, which includes ready -made house designs with a cost estimate . Access to the database is free and unlimited, so you can get to know various projects and choose the one that suits you best. Dom z Widokiem 4 is also among such projects .


House plan with a cost estimate - Dom z Widokiem 4

All information is available on our website, and all house designs with a cost estimate can be found exactly on this subpage: . In addition to the Dom z Widokiem 4 project, you will find many other variants of the same design that have been kept in the same style, but have been changed, for example, with dimensions. By entering the website of a selected project, you can learn a lot about it. Let's analyze it on the example of the House with View 4 project.

House plan House with View 4 - each house from our shared database has a detailed space arrangement plan on its website. You can see how the rooms in the house are to be arranged according to the plan, as well as find out about their size. By analyzing the entire project in more detail, you will learn not only the size of the house, but also the minimum dimensions of the plot. If the Dom z Widokiem 4 project is implemented, the plot for construction must be at least 30.30 meters wide and 25.71 meters long. On the project website you can also see the computer visualization of the house. Thanks to the specialist work of our designers, it will be easier for you to imagine what the House with a View 4 will look like if you decide to build it.

The cost of building a House with a View 4 - on the website of each project you can also find out about the potential costs of building a given project. On the Dom z Widokiem 4 website, you will be able to easily find out the price of the project itself, as well as the cost of building the house to the developer's standard. From the project website, you can also order a detailed quote for a turnkey house construction. What's more, the New-House company also allows its clients to spread the payments for the construction in monthly installments, the amount of which can also be found on the project website. To build Dom z Widokiem 4, you can also order a loan plan from us.


How was Dom z Widokiem 4 designed?

You already know what the construction cost of the House with Widokiem 4 is, and you have familiarized yourself with the visualization of the building itself. Now we would like to tell you a bit more about the interior itself, which also deserves attention. It is a project of a modern two-story house with an area of 285 square meters, planned in the most functional way.

1st floor - House with a View 4

Due to the fact that in the Dom z Widokiem 4 project, the project was arranged on two floors, it was much easier to arrange the division into zones. The floor of the house, in this project, serves as a night zone. Here you will find three spacious bedrooms . Including, the largest of them has an attached bathroom and a dressing room. Access to these rooms is only possible from this one bedroom. There is one more shared bathroom on the first floor. Another interesting solution is also the fact that in the Dom z Widokiem 4 project, the implementation was enriched with a mezzanine. Houses with a mezzanine automatically gain originality , and also provide many possibilities in terms of arrangement. Taught experienced, we know that investors are able to surprise with their ideas for the purpose of the mezzanine. An office, a library, a corner of relaxation, a study space, or maybe a place to play for children? It all depends on the needs of investors.

Ground floor - House with a View 4

The arrangement of the ground floor of the Dom z Widokiem 4 project is very similar to the first version of the project (you can find it at the link: ). The first room in which you will find yourself after entering is the hall. This room also serves as a connection between the garage and the house, which is a very convenient solution. Then, after walking through the hall, the Dom z Widokiem 4 project has a planned place for a living room . It is a large space of 53.23 square meters . There is a fireplace in it, and interestingly enough, you can also go directly to the terrace from the living room.

Next to the living room there is also a dining area and an open plan kitchen with an island . The fact that a pantry has been placed next to the kitchen will certainly be a great help for those who cook . The Dom z Widokiem 4 project has also been enriched with an additional room, which is usually used as a study / office . Another bathroom is attached to it. On the ground floor of the house there is also a utility room serving as a boiler room and a laundry room.

Elevation - House with a View 4

The design of this house catches the eye already at the elevation stage, which you could see thanks to the exemplary visualization. Light shades of the walls and dark tiles create a unique contrast that gives the building a stylish and modern elegance. The glazing used in the Dom z Widokiem 4 project is also noteworthy. They are larger than the average windows in Polish houses, the originality is also added by the fact that they are mainly corner windows. This combination gives an amazing effect. An additional advantage of using such windows is the fact that they provide more natural, daylight inside the building.

When analyzing the entire Dom z Widokiem 4 project, the garage cannot be overlooked. In this project, a double garage with an area of 42 square meters was used. Right behind it, there is an additional utility room that can be used as a workshop or storage space for bicycles. There is also a possibility to go from the garage to the attic , which greatly enriches the entire utility part of the house and makes it easier to store various things.

On the other side of the house, a terrace with an arcade was placed , as well as a lawn . It's a great place to spend time outdoors. Thanks to the roof, you can stay there in various weather conditions.

If you are interested in Dom z Widokiem 4, we will be happy to support you in its construction. Our services are very broad, and most importantly, they are characterized by a high degree of professionalism. We always care about the satisfaction of our customers and therefore we offer a 10-year warranty for the construction works. You can contact us every day from 7 am to 9 pm. Our telephone number and e-mail address can be found at: .


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