Construction of Agricultural Buildings – Step by Step

Design, Implementation, All Formalities – How Does the Construction of Agricultural Buildings Proceed Exactly? When is a Building Permit Required, and When Can This Step Be Skipped? What to Do to Ensure a Smooth Construction Process and Satisfactory Results? These are the Matters Worth Addressing.

Before commencing work on the construction of an agricultural building, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with the applicable construction law or seek advice from an expert. It is important to remember that the construction of agricultural buildings involves fulfilling certain formalities, which may differ from those required for traditional residential building projects.

Agricultural Buildings in the Context of Construction Law

What falls under the category of agricultural buildings? Contrary to appearances, this is not always straightforward. It's worth referring to the information outlined in construction law. According to the information found there, agricultural buildings are those that serve individuals residing in a residential building, a collective housing structure, individual recreation, and the immediate surroundings.

It's important to note the phrase "serve" residents. This means that the building should be functionally usable. Agricultural buildings, for example, include small garages, backyard storage for gardening equipment, and similar structures. However, a gazebo, pergola, conservatory, or summer house will definitely not be considered agricultural buildings, as their purpose is entirely different. An agricultural building is one that has foundations, walls, a roof, and its purpose is not organizational, but rather functional, such as storage of tools or enabling specific activities.

Construction of Agricultural Buildings and Required Formalities

What should you consider when deciding to construct an agricultural building? First and foremost, ensure that the planned project complies with the local spatial development plan or any previously obtained building conditions approval. These are fundamental documents that determine the possibility of taking any actions on the chosen plot.

Subsequent steps can vary. Sometimes the construction of an agricultural building will require submitting a project proposal and obtaining a building permit, while in other cases, a mere notification of construction may suffice. Constructing agricultural buildings without adhering to any of these options equates to unauthorized construction. In such cases, it becomes the responsibility of the county building inspector, who may even order the demolition of the entire structure under the threat of further legal consequences. Construction of agricultural buildings without notification and permit may only proceed when it falls under farmyard development on an agricultural property, and the building is related to agricultural production.

When can the obligation to obtain a building permit for agricultural buildings be skipped? According to construction law, construction of an agricultural building can be carried out by notification, provided that the building's footprint does not exceed thirty-five square meters. Another condition is that the building is a single-story, freestanding structure.

Agricultural buildings can also be expanded without obtaining a building permit. However, it is important that any expansion does not violate the aforementioned rules. This means that the building's floor space can be expanded, but it still must not exceed 35 sq. meters.

Furthermore, it is necessary to remember that construction law stipulates the maximum combined floor space of all agricultural buildings on a single plot that can be constructed without applying for a building permit. Under Article 29 of the construction law, all (not only agricultural) structures on a plot must not exceed two on five hundred square meters. If this limit is exceeded, an application for a building permit will be required for the construction.

Construction of Agricultural Buildings by Notification

If you plan to construct an agricultural building up to 35 square meters, you must submit a notification for such work to the county office in advance. The county governor has 21 days to process the documents, and if no objections are raised during this period, you may proceed with the construction. Construction of the agricultural building should be completed within two years from the submission of the notification.

A notification for the construction of an agricultural building should provide details about the type of construction to be carried out, its scope, the timeline, and the construction method. Additional documents may also be required, such as permits, specialist opinions, construction sketches – the exact range of formalities usually depends on the specific project being undertaken.

Construction of Agricultural Buildings with a Building Permit

On the other hand, if you plan to construct an agricultural building that cannot be done by notification, it's important to know how to apply for a building permit for such construction. When seeking approval for such a project, a similar set of documents must be submitted, but it should also include a construction design and spatial development plan prepared by an architect.

Keep in mind that construction of agricultural buildings under a building permit means that you will need to appoint a construction manager for the duration of the project, and you'll need to maintain a construction diary. The building permit itself is obtained by submitting an application to the county office. The waiting period for processing the application typically takes up to 65 days.

Designs of Agricultural Buildings and Their Implementation

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