Mesh Fence? Panel Fence? Or perhaps stone or concrete fences? The choice of fence to be implemented on your property depends on many factors – financial considerations, visual aspects, the level of privacy needed, and the quality of materials used. Such implementation should be tailored to the investor's needs and then professionally executed. How to ensure a professional fence installation from A to Z? It's worth entrusting to New-House.

We are aware of how important fencing is as a part of the house project. It's not only about physically enclosing the plot; aesthetic and functional functions are equally important. We have been building houses comprehensively since 1991 and have completed over 1500 single-family homes. Investors who collaborate with us can expect not only professional execution but also advice and expertise from our specialists. When designing the landscaping of the plot, our architects will match the fence to your individual needs, expectations, and the overall style of the single-family home. We will then ensure a smooth and expert execution.

It's worth noting that the installation of the fence, which is part of the comprehensive home construction, will be covered by a ten-year warranty. By working with us, you gain confidence in a well-executed, solid

What Type of Fence Should You Choose for Your Home?

During the construction of a house, attention should also be given to all elements surrounding the building itself. The garden, pathways, driveways, and fences. Importantly, when it comes to fencing – it should not only be seen as a tool to keep unwanted visitors out or define the inhabited area of the plot. It's a significant aesthetic element. How to choose the right fence for your home? It's worth considering not only the cost but also the functionality of the fence and the expected visual effect.

Comprehensive home construction ensures investor support at every stage of the build. Even during the selection of the project or the plot, you can seek advice from professionals. With comprehensive services, the house is built turnkey, ready for use. As part of the home construction process, the construction company can also take care of the area around the building and install, for example, the fence. However, the challenge arises when the investor must decide what type of fence to choose. New-House, as a professional construction company, is here to help.

What Types of Fences Are There for Homes?

When deciding on fence installation, it's worth familiarizing yourself with various types, their advantages, and disadvantages. This way, you can make a more informed and thoughtful decision. What types of fences are available for homes?

  • Wooden Fence – This is still a popular option that draws from the tradition of old Polish cottages. Wooden fences work well with classic single-family homes. It's important to note that wooden fences require proper protection against moisture and mold. However, there are various treatments and special paints available. Wooden fences come in different forms, usually vertical pickets or horizontal panels.

  • Stone Fence – This type of fence is very impressive but also expensive. Investors who choose a stone fence typically have a modern house in a minimalist style. The undeniable advantage of this solution is the high durability of the material used. A stone fence can last for many years. Some people, looking to avoid the high costs of stone fences, opt for split stone fences. They are built with significantly lower costs, yet the effect is similar to the original.

  • Metal Fences – These are among the most commonly chosen solutions by Polish investors. This is due to the reliable, good material that provides a specific, interesting effect. Metal fences have a wide range of options; you can opt for panel fences, solid fences, wrought iron fences, and similar. Wrought iron fences look the best, but they are also the most expensive option. Such fences can be combined with wood and stone for a more interesting effect.

  • Concrete Fences – This solution is gaining increasing interest among investors. Concrete fences have the advantage over other solutions that they are inexpensive to realize and can be built quickly and easily. Unfortunately, their downside is that it's challenging to make them look aesthetically pleasing.

  • Mesh Fence – This method is one of the most popular, as it guarantees a low price for the material and installation. Many investors even choose to install such fences themselves. A mesh fence is functional for marking the boundaries of the plot but won't provide significant privacy. The issue with a mesh fence is also that it's not particularly aesthetically pleasing. As an alternative to stretched mesh, wire panels are also used.

  • Brick Fences – These solutions are ideal for traditional houses with pitched roofs. Brick fences can be filled with mesh, vertical or horizontal wooden elements, steel elements, etc.


Choosing the Right Home Fence? What to Consider?

Fencing is an important part of the house project, although it's often underestimated. It's worth selecting a fence that will serve you for many years, both in functional and aesthetic terms. Individuals who undertake comprehensive home construction with New-House can count on professional advice from designers. The house fence is chosen based on the client's financial possibilities, the aesthetic effect of the materials used, functionality, and alignment with the overall design style.

If you're looking for lower costs, good options are mesh, panel, or concrete fences. If costs aren't a strong limitation, it's worth considering the style of the house and the space around it, and then matching the home fence accordingly. How can you do that? We have a few useful tips.

First and foremost, try to determine the main design style. Was the house built in a classic or modern style? For a traditional house, solutions like wooden fences or metal fences (using masonry or bricks) will fit well. In contrast, for modern houses, stone, concrete, or versatile wrought iron fences are better options. When matching the home fence to an existing space, it's worth analyzing the main colors, such as those used on the facade. This knowledge can help with fence selection. Many investors opt to combine different solutions – a more decorative fence is placed at the front of the property, while the rest of the area is fenced with a more cost-effective material.

Keep in mind that the fence should also include elements like a gate, driveway gate, and sometimes even a trash bin area. This part of the home fence must be adjusted to the size of the plot. There are two types of driveway gates to choose from – sliding and swing gates.

A sliding gate takes up less space on the property, making it more flexible. Unfortunately, if the plot is narrow and the gate is located close to it, a sliding gate might not be the best solution. On the other hand, a swing gate is a common choice as it can be adapted to most plots. The only issue arises when a parking space for a car is located nearby.

Home Fence with New-House

Are you looking for the right company to install a fence for your home? New-House offers such services as part of comprehensive home construction. If you have questions about our services, need advice, or want to establish cooperation – we invite you to contact us. You can find our contact details at: https://new-house.com.pl/kontakt.

How to Choose Panel Fencing for Your Home?

With the house built and the landscaping done – it might seem like the project is nearing completion. But there's more to be done. A single-family home should also be enclosed with an appropriate fence. Panel fences, for example, are quite popular. Is this solution right for your project? We'll help you make that decision.

In this article, we want to provide you with the most important information about this type of fencing. You can find answers to the following questions:

  • What are the types of panel fences?

  • What are the advantages of panel fences?

  • What are the disadvantages of panel fences?

  • Is it worth choosing panel fencing installation?

As New-House, we have been building homes since 1991, and we know that investors value panel fences. It's a solid and impressive solution, although not without flaws. It may also work for you.

Most Commonly Chosen Types of Panel Fences

When deciding to install a panel fence, it's necessary to choose the right material beforehand. As always, price and durability are important factors to consider. It's also worth analyzing this decision in terms of its alignment with the overall style of the house and its surroundings.

Steel Panel Fences – Panel fences are most commonly made from steel rods. This proven and good solution maintains an excellent balance between price and durability. Steel panel fences are resistant to various damages and are often coated with a specialized anti-corrosion layer for additional protection.

Wooden Panel Fences – This solution is particularly recommended for those seeking elegant options to accentuate the style of a single-family home. Wooden panel fences have very high aesthetic values but are significantly more expensive and less durable than steel fences.

Concrete Panel Fences – Panel fences made from concrete panels are increasingly used. They allow for interesting arrangements due to the use of original patterns and colors. They are often chosen by individuals who value privacy on their property. This is achieved through the use of large-format blocks that shield the area from prying eyes. However, it's important to note that such a fence will be more expensive than steel panel fences. It's also more challenging to install due to the weight and size of all the components.

Sometimes investors opt for a combination of different types of panel fences, which can result in an interesting effect.

What Advantages Do Panel Fences Have?

A good fence should provide comfort and safety for the residents. It's important that it's also durable, functional, and reasonably priced. Do panel fences meet these criteria? Here's a list of advantages of this solution.

Durability and Resistance – The strength of a panel fence depends on the material used. Steel panel fences are commonly chosen, offering a high level of strength and durability. It's important to select models made from thicker, stronger wire and then galvanize it. For wooden models, proper impregnation is crucial. This ensures resistance to mechanical damage and weather factors for long-lasting durability.

Easy Repair – Thanks to the fence being made of panels, repairs are very straightforward. Individual fence elements can be replaced quickly and easily.

Versatility – Panel fences are highly adaptable to the chosen design, easily harmonizing with the house, garden, gate, and entrance. These aesthetic fences can take on an elegant, classic, or modern appearance. The versatility of this material allows it to be used not only for single-family home fencing but also for industrial buildings, for example.

Cost Efficiency – Without a doubt, panel fences are among the more budget-friendly solutions, which contributes to their popularity. Of course, the more demanding the material, the higher the purchase cost, but opting for steel panel fences ensures an affordable price.

Quick Installation – A significant advantage of this type of fence is its quick installation. The entire fence can be completed in as little as one day, depending on the order size and weather conditions. Panel fence installation is not only fast but also very simple. Of course, installing a concrete fence will take more time compared to the classic solution.

Do Panel Fences Have Any Drawbacks?

Since panel fences are affordable, aesthetic, and reliable solutions, do they have any drawbacks? Indeed, there are aspects that may not appeal to everyone. It's worth keeping them in mind and making an informed decision.

Many people dislike the lattice structure, which doesn't provide complete privacy. You can opt to plant additional vegetation to mask the space, but some investors prefer to completely forego this solution in favor of a different type of fence.

Some also argue that panel fences lack sophistication and originality. Personally, we disagree, as well-arranged panel fences can be a remarkable addition to a property. An interesting proposition, for example, is panel fences with a stone base.

Is It Worth Choosing Panel Fences?

It's a challenging question that unfortunately we can't provide a definitive answer to. Certainly, panel fences are a great, proven material, but the fence should be aligned with the overall design, the investor's expectations, and financial capabilities. Only such an approach will guarantee full satisfaction with the final result.

Are you unsure if panel fences are the right solution for your property? We encourage you to contact our specialists. We offer comprehensive home construction services, handling everything from A to Z (including the installation of panel fences). You can view our previous projects on our website: https://new-house.com.pl/realizacje. We would be glad to also assist you in choosing the right fence and then handle its installation.

Working with our company ensures stress-free realization. At every stage of work, we provide our clients not only with reliable execution but also with expert support and advice. This transparent form of collaboration has resulted in many successful projects. Our professionalism is reflected in hundreds of positive customer reviews: https://new-house.com.pl/referencje.

Feel free to contact us and ask questions. We're happy to help with anything!


Step-by-Step Guide to Chain-Link Fencing – Types, Cost, Installation

Building a single-family home involves not only the construction process itself but also supplementary works such as designing the plot, planting greenery, creating garden paths, driveways, and installing a fence. Chain-link fencing is a popular choice among Polish investors for their homes. In this article, we'll present the most important information on how to install chain-link fencing step by step. What options are available? What to consider during the process? We'll guide you through!

New-House has been operating in the construction market since 1991, having built over 1500 single-family homes. We carry out most of our projects on a comprehensive basis, providing the investor with a move-in-ready home. Our turnkey home construction service includes detailed plot development, fence installation, and more. Many of our investors choose to have chain-link fencing installed. Why? It's a proven, cost-effective solution. Who do we recommend it to? How is it best executed? How much does chain-link fencing cost? In this article, we'll answer the most frequently asked questions by our customers.

Choosing Chain-Link Fencing

The Polish market offers various types of fences, including stone, concrete, bamboo, and wooden fences. When opting for chain-link fencing, you also have several options to choose from. What's the best choice? It's worth considering several aspects:

  • Stylistic alignment with the completed single-family home,

  • The price of materials and installation,

  • The possibility of physical separation,

  • The quality and durability of materials.

Chain-link fences are popular in Poland because they provide a quick, durable fence and property protection at a reasonable price. However, many people criticize this solution for its low aesthetic value. It's important to know that it doesn't have to be that way – a well-made chain-link fence can be a decorative element for the property. Among the most popular types of chain-link fences are:

Welded Chain-Link Fencing

This modern method uses specially welded vertical and horizontal elements to create a strong connection. The result is rectangular or square openings. As a modern chain-link fence, this type offers better resistance to damage and deformation, making it more durable. This is a significant advantage, especially considering that the cost of this type of fencing is still reasonable. Additionally, welded chain-link fencing is very quick to install.

Woven Chain-Link Fencing

This is a traditional and very commonly chosen solution. Woven chain-link fencing is the most affordable option for single-family homes. Interwoven wires create characteristic diamonds. While this type of fence is more flexible than welded chain-link fencing, it unfortunately results in reduced durability. Its greater flexibility also makes installation more challenging.

Chain-Link Fencing with a Base

Both woven chain-link fencing and welded chain-link fencing can be realized with a base. This is a great way to add an interesting and more elegant look to the fencing. The base can be made of materials such as stone or concrete, which not only enhances the visual effect but also adds to the durability of the installation.

When installing chain-link fencing step by step, it's important to ensure that the entire process is carried out using the appropriate type of mesh. This greatly affects the durability of the entire installation. The two main types of mesh are:

Galvanized Chain-Link Fencing

This is an excellent choice that will serve you for many years. Galvanization provides the mesh with long-lasting durability, as it is resistant to various weather conditions, corrosion, and mechanical actions. The longevity of the fence also depends on the thickness of the zinc layer used on the mesh. It's better to opt for high-quality fencing with a thick zinc layer.

PVC-Coated Chain-Link Fencing

This is an interesting solution that many investors like. This type of fencing involves using galvanized steel wire coated with flexible PVC, allowing for fences in various colors. However, it's important to choose mesh with a thicker zinc layer, as damage to the PVC coating can lead to corrosion.

Chain-Link Fencing: Pros and Cons

Investors are usually divided into two opposing camps: fans and opponents of chain-link fences. It's important to thoroughly analyze this choice from every angle to ensure the fence is well-suited to your needs, budget, and the overall aesthetics of your home. What are the distinctive features of chain-link fencing?

Cost of Installation – Both welded and woven chain-link fencing are among the most affordable options, considering both necessary materials and installation. If you're looking for a budget-friendly solution, these are worth considering.

Installation Process – Opting for welded chain-link fencing results in a particularly fast installation. Woven chain-link fencing requires a bit more time and different equipment due to the greater flexibility of the mesh, but it's still one of the faster fencing options to install.

Durability – Undoubtedly, chain-link fencing can serve you well if you choose the right, sturdy materials for the installation. The zinc layer on the mesh, in particular, should be adequately thick, as it's estimated that about 70 grams of zinc per square meter oxidizes annually. Additionally, PVC-coated mesh will provide you with a durable, intense color for up to twenty years. For the sake of durability, it's advisable to select welded chain-link fencing, as it is more stable and resistant to various conditions.

Privacy – Unfortunately, choosing chain-link fencing means you won't have physical separation from your neighbors. Your property will be exposed to view, and passersby will easily see what's happening on your land. If maintaining privacy and intimacy is important to you, consider a different type of fencing, such as pallet fencing.

Aesthetics – Many people are hesitant about chain-link fencing on their property because they believe it lacks aesthetic value. However, we believe that a well-executed installation combined with quality materials can make chain-link fencing look very presentable and aesthetic. This is especially true when opting for chain-link fencing with a base.

Chain-Link Fencing Installation with New-House

Building turnkey homes with New-House takes just nine months, and you'll receive a well-executed single-family home covered by a ten-year warranty. Collaborating with us also ensures proper landscaping of your property, including step-by-step installation of chain-link fencing. We invite you to check out our previous projects:https://new-house.com.pl/realizacje.

To initiate collaboration or inquire about our offer details, simply contact us via email or phone. We're available between 7 AM and 9 PM. Feel free to get in touch:https://new-house.com.pl/kontakt.


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