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House with a view 6

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179 m2

budowa domu Dom z widokiem 6 - New-House
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Nazwa projektu: House with a view 6
Nazwa Pracowni: MG Projekt
Rodzaj domu: piętrowy
Garaż: podwójny

Opis domu House with a view 6

The finished house design called House with a View 6 was designed in such a way that the living area, living room and terraces constitute the back part of the house. The base of the house is covered with smaller, one-story blocks. The house was covered with multi-slope, gentle roofs with eaves. The architect diversified the house with stone and wooden wall cladding, as well as roofs, balconies and a pergola over the terrace. The advantage is corner, large windows and glazing of the living room, dining room and kitchen. The ground floor of the house is a living room, with a void above its fragment and above the stairs. From the mezzanine upstairs you can see the living room and the garden. Entering the house we have a vestibule, a hall and a living room. Right next to it there is an additional room and a bathroom with a laundry room. Kitchen with a pantry will satisfy cooking lovers. There is also a double garage, as well as a utility room with a boiler room. On the first floor there are three bedrooms, a large bathroom and a wardrobe. Above the garage there is a small utility attic accessible from the hall. Building a house from scratch will make the investor fulfill his dreams of an elegant, two-story house with a functional interior.


Everything you need to know about the Dom z Widokiem 6 project

What does Dom z Widokiem 6 look like? How can the next variant of Houses with a View stand out? We have a lot of information for you about its interior design, facade and development of the space around the house. What's more, we are also happy to share information about the construction process and its costs. Dom z Widokiem 6 is undoubtedly an original building.

Dom z Widokiem 6 is a project that is most often chosen by people who are looking for a smaller version of the original, which is 269 square meters. As for the House with a View 6, the project covers 179 square meters. New-House offers its customers many design versions, because we want each investor to be able to adjust the house to their own needs and preferences. We do not want someone to decide to build a given house just because it is the least different from the dream vision. According to our idea, every investor should be able to find a house that meets their requirements in almost 100%. Perhaps it will be Dom z Widokiem 6.


What does Dom z Widokiem 6 look like?

Are you wondering how 179 square meters of a two-story house were arranged? The answer is simple: functionally. Dom z Widokiem 6 is designed in such a way that its members can feel at ease here. It is a house where it is easy to find your place and place, thanks to the zoning. The first floor is a bedroom part, while the ground floor is a day and utility zone.

On the first floor of the house there are three bedrooms, two of which have additional wardrobes. There is also a shared bathroom. There are access to the balconies from the bathroom and one bedroom. The Dom z Widokiem 6 project also includes an attic space. It is on the right side of the house and is entered directly from the hall. In some projects of the House with a View, access to the attic is only possible from the garage level. There are people who do not like this solution and then decide to choose Dom z Widokiem 6, where the attic is seamlessly connected to the residential part of the house. On the first floor of the house, you can also find a mezzanine - this design idea is very popular with investors and they appreciate the way the mezzanine makes the house unique.

Equally interesting solutions can be found on the ground floor. When it comes to Dom z Widokiem 6, the implementation included the allocation of a large space for a living room . Obtaining a large, over fifty-meter space was possible, among others, because two rooms were combined - a living room and a dining room. There is a place for a shared meal, but also for relaxing by the fireplace or TV. The Dom z Widokiem 6 project was also enriched with a spatial opening above the living room , thanks to which a very interesting visual effect was obtained, which is appreciated in the latest architectural trends. The ground floor is also a kitchen with a pantry, which were placed right next to the dining room. It is a very convenient solution. Dom z Widokiem 6 also includes such rooms as a hall, a cloakroom, a boiler room, a utility annex and a second bathroom with a laundry room.

On the right side of the house, there is also a planned garage for a double garage, from which you can get directly to the house. Dom z Widokiem 6 has also been enriched with a large terrace. It can be accessed directly from the lounge. The entire terrace extends to the left side of the building, and some of them are under the shade.

The facade of the house itself is made in light tones, but what attracts investors' attention most is the glazing used. In the case of the Dom z Widokiem 6 project, the projects are equipped with very high windows that extend the entire height of the wall . Some of them are corner glazing. The use of this solution in the house design allows you to achieve a wonderful, stunning effect. The contrasting color combination of the facade and tiles also adds style. The Dom z Widokiem 6 project does not allow for indifference, it is difficult not to pay attention to it.

Its exact image can be seen by looking at special computer visualizations prepared by designers. They are available on the project website.


What is the cost of building a House with a View 6?

All house designs with a view can be viewed at: . There are houses ranging from 146 square meters to almost 300 square meters. The House with a View 6 is located more or less in the middle of this size. It can be considered an optimal universal solution. Many investors look at these projects because of their unique, original style. They often look for opportunities to reduce costs among them and the choice of the Dom z Widokiem 6 project allows it, because it is not a very large house. Moreover, it is worth remembering that when you decide to design a two-story house, you can purchase a much smaller plot of land than in the case of a one-story house. As for the House with a View 6, the project is divided into two floors, which allows you to save money when buying a plot.

You can always find out the specific costs of building a house on the house plan website. The New-House company offers its clients to familiarize themselves with the entire base of ready-made house designs with a cost estimate. They can be found at the link: . The variety and large number of available projects allows you to find a home that you will surely like. Among them there is also the House with a View 6. After clicking on the selected project, you will be able to find out about the specific prices that include the construction of a given house.

For example, Dom z Widokiem 6 has a project valued at PLN 4990. On the website you can also find out the cost of building a house to the developer state and the amount of the monthly installment for paying for the construction. Moreover, New-House offers investors to order a home loan plan. If you are interested in building a turnkey house or construction with a green space arrangement service - just click on the link "I order a detailed quote" and we will prepare it for you. A second solution may also be to contact us directly. Then you will be able to tell us exactly about your requirements, learn about all the details of our services, and find out the answer to all the questions that interest you.

Do you like the Dom z Widokiem 6 project? Maybe you are looking for a company that could undertake its implementation? We are willing to undertake such cooperation. We have almost thirty years of experience behind us, and our employees are specialists whom we have trusted for many years. We stand out due to professionalism and attention to investor satisfaction. It is the customers and their needs that are most important to us, which is why we always offer a 10-year warranty for our projects. If you have any questions or want to cooperate, please contact us. Our detailed data can be found at the link: .


Dom z Widokiem 6 project - implementation details

Elegant façade, a combination of modern and classic, urban chic, functional interior - this is how you can sum up the Dom z Widokiem 6 project. How are the details of this project presented? Who will like the interior of this house? What technology is the house implemented in? We will provide you with all the details related to the project and its implementation.

The New-House company has been operating on the construction market since 1991, we have over 1,500 built single-family houses behind us. We perfectly know the construction market in Poland, and we also know how to respond to the diverse needs of investors. We know that each client has different expectations of a dream single-family house, which is why we have prepared a well-equipped design base - there you will find thousands of ready-made proposals for implementation ( ). Among them is also Dom z Widokiem 6. It is a great, proven project, which our clients often appreciate. The projects in our database are prepared by great design studios appreciated in the country.

Dom z Widokiem 6 is a project created by the MG Projekt design studio cooperating with us. Interestingly, Dom Z Widokiem 6 is another proposal for the base project Dom z Widokiem (1), which was very popular. Designers, wanting to meet the needs of investors, created twin projects which, although they look similar in many aspects, have differentiating aspects. This includes, for example, the size of the usable floor space, the number or arrangement of rooms and the like. In the case of the House with a View 6, the biggest difference is the interior design - the living area, living room and terraces are located at the back of the house. How exactly does Dom z Widokiem 6 look like? We are in a hurry with the answer!


Technical data of the Dom z Widokiem project 6

The usable area of the house is 179 square meters , the building itself has been built in the form of two floors. The body of the building also includes a 35.1 square meter garage for two cars. The cubature of the building is 956 cubic meters . The hipped roof has a 25-degree slope and covers an area of 308.68 square meters. According to the project, the roof is to be covered with ceramic tiles.

In order to implement the construction of the House with a View 6, a plot of land with a minimum dimensions of 27.52 meters wide and 22.32 meters long will be required. Such operation is required due to the legal requirements of the distance from the plot border - three meters from the part of the facade without door and window openings, four meters from the part of the facade with windows, doors, one and a half meters from terraces, balconies, etc. House with View 6 itself has 18 , 74 meters wide and 13.39 meters long. The building is 8.42 meters high (8.62 meters with a foundation), while the height of the rooms is 2.7 meters.

Dom z Widokiem 6 is implemented in brick technology with the use of Porotherm 25 blocks, polystyrene and thin-layer plaster. The ceiling will be monolithic reinforced concrete above the ground floor and above the first floor. In turn, the foundations of the building are concrete benches and foundation walls made of concrete blocks. However, it is important to familiarize yourself with the conditions on the plot before starting the construction. Such foundations are an ideal solution for standard plots with good soil conditions. If there is unstable soil (e.g. clay) on the site or there is a high level of groundwater, it will be necessary to adapt the design and adapt it to the plot conditions.


Facade of the House with a View 6

The project enjoys a very good opinion of investors not only due to the excellent technical and functional conditions, but also due to the visual aspect. Dom z Widokiem 6 combines various forms of elevation, thanks to which the effect of modern elegance typical of urban villas has been obtained. When planning the façade, the designer used both thin-layer plaster, stone cladding and wooden wall cladding. There are also decorative canopies, beautiful balconies and a pergola over the terrace.


Interior design in the Dom z Widokiem 6 project

You will enter the house through the arcade, going directly to the hall which was connected with the garage. This combination is very convenient and investors especially appreciate it. A cloakroom has also been planned next to the hall, where you can store outerwear and shoes. Moving on, there is a hall leading to various parts of the building. The main point of the house's ground floor is the living room. It is a meeting place for the whole family, which is why it combines the function of a living room and dining room. The room has also a fireplace and large glazing overlooking the backyard terrace. There is also a mezzanine above the living room.

There is also an open kitchen right next to the living room - the lack of a partition wall allows you to visually increase the space. A pantry has also been added to the kitchen, making the space management much more convenient. You can put there the purchased food products, homemade preserves, as well as currently unused kitchen equipment - there are many possibilities.

The House with a View 6 on the ground floor also has a room for any use. It was not defined in the implementation plan as a bedroom, but it can fulfill such a function. It can also be a work and study room, a library or a guest room. There is also a bathroom opposite the room, which also includes a laundry function. There is also a utility section on the ground floor - a boiler room and a utility annex behind the garage.

What does the 6th floor of the House with a View look like?

The project envisages that the night / bedroom part of the house will be located on the ground floor. Thanks to the separation from the living and utility areas, household members can gain complete freedom and privacy in their rooms. Therefore, three bedrooms with an area of 15.7 square meters, 14.99 square meters and 13.37 square meters were placed on the first floor . The two smallest bedrooms have an attached wardrobe. The medium room also has the option of going out to the balcony. On the first floor there is also a bathroom for shared use of the household members, from its interior you can go out to a second balcony.

On the first floor of the house, an attic with an area of 8.7 square meters has also been planned .


Can I make changes to the Dom z Widokiem 6 project?

You liked the design, but would you like to make some changes? There is no problem - our architects will be happy to adapt the design for you, which will be tailored to your needs. Moreover, we recommend that you also check out the other projects in this series. For example, the Dom z Widokiem 6 project, variant B, was prepared, which differs in the liquidation of the mezzanine, balcony and terrace roofing. The layout of the rooms was slightly changed and the kitchen was enlarged. Perhaps this proposal will be the perfect solution for you. We encourage you to read: .


Dom z Widokiem 6 - construction with the New-House company

Are you interested in the implementation of the Dom z Widokiem 6 project? It is worth entrusting the implementation to professionals. We have been building houses since 1991 and enjoy great opinions among investors ( ). We are happy to undertake the comprehensive implementation of your home - the construction of a turnkey house takes no more than 9 months, and the entire implementation is covered by a ten-year quality guarantee.

Dom z Widokiem 6 can be your dream home - we encourage you to cooperate!


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