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House with a view 2

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221 m2

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Nazwa projektu: House with a view 2
Nazwa Pracowni: MG Projekt
Rodzaj domu: piętrowy
Garaż: podwójny

Opis domu House with a view 2

The House with a View 2 is a modern city villa that will attract investors with its architecture and an interestingly planned functional layout. It delights with attractive details and well-chosen finishing materials. The House with a View 2 project is a two-story house, which allows us to develop a larger area. It is covered with a hipped roof. The building has a compact body and very good insulation and installations, thanks to which it will be an energy-efficient house. The garage designed in line with the building is designed for two cars. We enter the house through an open, glass vestibule with a cloakroom. The design of the house on the ground floor includes an open living area, with a living room with a void and opening to the mezzanine on the first floor, with a dining room, a hall with representative stairs, and a large kitchen with an island. In addition, there is a boiler room, toilet, and a garage with a storage and utility room. On the first floor there are three bedrooms, including one with its own bathroom and dressing room. The rest of the family members have a second bathroom at their disposal, accessible from the hall. Above the garage, there is a laundry room with a drying room, but you can also arrange an additional room here. A characteristic feature of the house design is the unique opening of the interior to the garden, as well as numerous glazing. An additional advantage is the roof over a part of the terrace, which makes it look like a summer living room.



House with a View 2

Another unique project that we want to present to investors as New-House is Dom z Widokiem 2. This is the second version of the well-known and popular single-family house project. Dom z Widokiem 2 is a modern city villa that stands out among traditional Polish houses.

Dom z Widokiem 2 attracts more customers thanks to its beautiful architecture as well as a functionally planned arrangement of the house. Two floors divide the house into a night and day zone, which allows you to maintain the harmony of everyday life. When one of the household members needs peace - he goes to the first floor of the house, while the whole life of the household takes place on the ground floor, it is noisy here and you can feel an exceptionally warm, family atmosphere. We will try to present to you exactly how the Dom z Widokiem 2 project was planned.


House with a View 2 - interior

As far as Dom z Widokiem 2 is concerned, the project was carried out on 221 square meters . The house is accessed through the entrance arcade directly into the hall. You can also enter the hall from the garage side, about which we'll talk a little more later in the article. There is also a cloakroom by the hall. The next steps will direct you directly to the living area of the apartment. There is a kitchen with an island and an added pantry . It is spacious and designed to be a pleasure to use. The kitchen is also open to the dining room that has been placed right next to it.

There is a spacious living room opposite the dining room . Its area is 60 square meters ! Such a large room will accommodate not only a family, but also a lot of friends - you can freely organize joint meetings here. There is also a fireplace in the living room, which adds warmth to the whole arrangement. The Dom z Widokiem 2 project has also been enriched with a spatial opening above the living room . This solution gives an amazing, interesting effect and easily catches the eye. Thanks to this, Dom z Widokiem 2 has projects at a much higher aesthetic level.

On the ground floor of the house there are also such rooms as a boiler room and a small toilet. There is also a garage adjacent to the left side of the building, which has already been mentioned. The Dom z Widokiem 2 project has a 35 square meter double garage . Just behind the garage there is also a utility room for any purpose, but usually it is used as a home workshop.

What is the floor of the house like? Let us also analyze the interior of the house from this perspective. The stairs leading to the second floor of the house are in the living room. After entering the first floor, you will find yourself in a spacious hall that leads, among others, to three different bedrooms. One of the bedrooms has been arranged in such a way as to provide its owners with the greatest intimacy and privacy. There is a dressing room and a bathroom adjacent to the bedroom, access is only possible from this one room. It is also worth emphasizing that you can also go out to the balcony from the bathroom.

There are two more bedrooms on the first floor, including one with an added wardrobe. There is also an entrance to the shared bathroom from the corridor. Dom z Widokiem 2 has also been enriched with a utility room, intended for a laundry and drying room.

To sum up, the first floor of the house includes three bedrooms, two bathrooms, two wardrobes, a balcony and a utility room . Now it is worth mentioning a bit about the exterior of the building. First of all, we want to say that the House with a View 2 project is enriched with a beautiful terrace . It is located on the right side of the building and is properly roofed, thanks to which it protects the household members against various unfavorable weather conditions.

The façade of the house was made in light colors in the form of a thin-layer plaster, which adds style to the entire project. An interesting aspect in the house facade design is the glazing used. There are a lot of them and they are quite large - the glazing in the Dom z Widokiem 2 project is usually stretched over the entire height of the building wall . During the implementation, corner windows were also used, which are still quite an original architectural solution. The roof of the house, according to the project, is made in a dark shade to create a fashionable contrast with the color of the facade.

Dom z Widokiem 2 - cost estimate

For those interested in the project and those who want to find out what the cost estimate of Dom z Widokiem 2 has, we have prepared a great solution. The New-House company offers its clients to familiarize themselves with the online database of house designs , where, apart from the plan and visualization of implementation, you can also learn about the construction costs of a selected house. Projects with a current valuation are available at: . If you want to find out what the cost estimate of the House with a View has, we encourage you to read the project page in detail. It contains information about the price of the project itself, as well as the cost of building the house to the developer state. It is also possible to know the amount of the monthly installment and order a loan plan . If you would like the House with a View project to be made as a turnkey house, please contact us personally. After getting to know your specific preferences, we will make a detailed quote for you.

We also encourage you to familiarize yourself with the other versions of this project. They are implemented in the same style, but differ in terms of different details, e.g. the number of rooms or the size of the house. For example, the prototype of the Dom z Widokiem 2 project is 269 square meters, it also has 3 bedrooms, but there is an additional office room on the ground floor. It can be viewed at the link: . It is worth watching many versions to be able to adjust the design to your preferences. It is very important that the house design is in line with the investor's needs and expectations - only this approach will later result in full satisfaction with the achieved result.

The New-House company is a professional company that has been dealing with the preparation of projects and building houses since 1991. Many years of experience allow us to meet investors' requirements more efficiently. What's more, it is worth knowing that our services are very extensive and we offer our support long before the start of construction. Some clients ask us for support in choosing the right plot, and some ask for advice when choosing a project. We are here to support you in building your dream home! Perhaps this is the Dom z Widokiem 2 project.

Please feel free to contact us. All contact details can be found at: . You can contact us by phone, e-mail or by chat on our website. We work every day of the week from 7 am to 9 pm, so you can contact us almost all day long. Are you looking for a company that will implement the Dom z Widokiem 2 project? We are happy to undertake it!

Feel free to contact us and get acquainted with our services carefully!


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